Bring it on!

10 Mar

“Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best.”

Tammy and I (here are Entwined Vines Jewelry) both seem to like planning and plotting to achieve a goal but when push comes to shove and the heat is turned up, that deadline is actively upon us we holler “bring it on” and chuckle as we know we can take it with fierce and powerful success. We seem to always be working on projects and in our minds working through the steps needed to reach a deadline with great results so when it comes to that “moment” of make it or break it we are very accomplished and thriving. Not long ago we had learned of a grant project that we had not heard about before and although we had never applied for anything like this before we looked into it. We thought is would be a great fit for the co-op we are a part of (Artistic Portland) but it was getting to the wire when it was presented. When it was decided that the co-operative would not be able to do justice to the activity we dove right in. We had no clue and no time left as the deadline was less than 5 hours away (talk about cutting it close lol). This  grant required a nice batch of writing and question and answer time where both of us had to like and agree to our answers one a day we both worked our “normal” jobs till after the deadline time set so we had to scramble through text messages and fast as you can think emails to accomplish this. We did it! We made the deadline by minutes complete with spectacular photos and a write-up we were more than pleased with. We then had two weeks to try to get caught-up with thousands of other people to recruit votes to make it into the next level for the grant. We gave it a huge effort and although we did not make the next level we are beyond happy with how for we made it and with the shear amount of knowledge gained through this experience. We had another un-expected bonus as well, follower in all our social media venues and dramatic increase of interest in our one of a kind pieces or wearable art! Will we apply again? You bet we will and although we will have more time to iterate that last minute deadline kicked us into over drive and we rocked it just like always. Take a moment and share where you stand on pressure and how you manage, we love to hear from all of you!



Riding the Crazy Train March 2014

7 Mar


“I have been Creating Art as long as I can remember…

I remember drawing the cartoons when I was a Very Small child.

I’ve always loved to Create Beautiful Things.

Anytime I can take something ordinary and turn it into a Beautiful piece of Art,

it is so Amazing!

I am a self taught Portrait Artist,

but I love working with all types of mediums,such as Pencil, Acrylic, Oil, Ceramic, Wire, Stone,

just to name a few….”


“I was born and raised in small town Wisconsin; land of the frozen tundra and cheese.  Growing up in the rural Midwest could have been considered boring but I had always filled my days with adventure.  Treasure hunting and day dreaming of tropical get-aways were my favorite hobbies.

Now am living my dreams; living, working, and playing in the hot desert sun of Palm Springs California.  I love being a Cali girl but of course you can’t take away my roots and I still have a huge place in my heart for treasure hunting and cheese.”


“My name is Jennifer and I found out my grandmother used to paint china. All of her work is stunning but what is amazing is that she had multiple sclerosis. I didnt know her well but know I am proud she was my grandmother. I pull inspiration from her and her strength.”


” I’m an Army Brat who was born in France to a U.S. Dad and French Mom.  I grew up in Europe and Turkey and was lucky enough to have traveled all over the world. I still love the traveling and seeing the fashions and styles of other countries … which I love incorporating into my “style”.”


” I am a Rag Quilter. I have been experimenting with traditional quilting also. I love to mix both styles.”


“Our home is in Lake Mary, Florida and we have been married for nineteen years.    My husband Jack, has over thirty three years experience as an award-winning Art Director with various design and advertising agencies, then for his own successful graphic design firm. He puts his talents to work now by making lampwork beads and jewelry.    I (Mary) have always been attracted to anything that sparkled, and what sparkles as much as jewelry? “Glass”.  I was very lucky to find a friend that taught me how to create beautiful beads, starting out with a glass rod and melting it like butter. Form it, roll it, and add more color!    I then passed what she showed me to my husband and look where it has taken us! Visit our gallery of Classy Art Glass to see the beautiful glass he has created.    What could be more fun doing something you love?!!”


” My name is Roxanne Coffelt.  I make all the jewelry that you see here in my studio.  I use many techniques, including fused glass, precious metal clay, wire-wrapping and sometimes just plain old stringing.

As a child I was exposed to lots of crafty things.  My mother sewed.  I learned Indian seed beading, made potholders, did leather work at camp, etc.

My journey in jewelry-making began in Shanghai, China.  While living there I learned about pearls; first buying pearl jewelry while shopping with the other tai tais (wives), then designing my own personal jewelry and having it made by the shops there, and buying a variety of pearls.  With my family I also traveled extensively in China in addition to other parts of Asia.  After returning to the U.S., I began taking jewelry classes in order to use the large supply of pearls I had accumulated.  My shop is named “Shanghai Tai” because one tai character means “too”, as in “too much”, “too expensive”, like “extreme”.  Two of the same character together though, is tai tai, which means “wife” or “Mrs.”  To me, Shanghai Tai represents the (slightly excessive) lifestyle that western expat women live in Asia.   My designs often have an Asian influence as a result of my many travels and exposure to Eastern cultures.

Though my degree is in accounting, I have taken many classes and workshops to improve my jewelry-making skills,  including classes from Chris Darway, Mark Nelson and Holly Gage, among others. In 2009 I became certified in precious metal clay.   As you can see, I also like to work with fused glass.  So far I have only exhibited my work locally, but have won some awards:”


”  A degree in horticulture, and working in that industry have greatly influenced my art. Most of the fabrics I use in my original designs are hand painted and(or) sunprinted by me to achieve colors and textures that can not be found in stores. Sunprinting on fabric can give many surprising results- the paint never dries the same way twice (It really can be fun to watch paint dry), and my gardens supply me with the many flowers and leaves I use for the sunprints. My photos of flowers and more from gardens or in the wild, are now finding their way into my art after I print them onto fabric.    The beauty of this earth we have been given to live in, with it’s flowers, gardens and rock formations is the main inspiration for my fabrics and art.

I began writing and selling patterns for my gift items so that others can make them with their own fabrics and creative styles (find them in my AndrusGardensDesigns shop here on ArtFire or at I love sharing creative knowledge through my blog, teaching workshops and lecturing”


“AUNTIE CHRIS AFFORDABLE QUILT FABRICS  We carry quilt shop quality fabrics without the quilt shop prices, affordable quilting/sewing kits and patterns. Quality fabrics will make a difference in the appearance and longevity of your finished projects. We strive to find beautiful, interesting and quality fabrics for less. We have hundreds of items to populate my shop, please check back often. Affordable heirlooms start here. Will happily ship a fat eighth to a whole bolt if that’s what you need. Always adding new items and surprises!!”


”  I have a large collection of silver beads, gemstones, some crystals and cabochons. New items added every day. My goal is to provide buyers with unique quality beading supplies and sell them in smaller quantities. I am also a jewelry artist specializing in unique handmade jewelry in a variety of styles and colors. My jewelry pieces can be found at:”


” I have been an artist since I was child with my first lump of Play Doh.  I have always enjoyed working with clay and discovered polymer clay in my late teens.  I love animals, nature, and the world of fantasy and this is reflected in my sculptures.  I also enjoy a large variety of crafts, and like to try new things.  Several years ago I started making cloth dolls, which have been a huge hit with my nieces and friend’s children.  I even had one of my dolls featured in “Today’s Creative Home Arts”.  The dolls make wonderful gifts for children or doll collectors.  Recently I began making jewelry with polymer clay and a variety of beads.  I’m inspired by bold colors and interesting shapes.  I also make very detailed miniature polymer clay houses surrounded with beautiful landscaping.  One of my log cabins was featured in the October 2008 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.  Fantasy has always lighted a creative spark in me, and many of my sculptures sprang into life with that spark.  Fairies, wizards, gnomes, trolls, and dragons have all been sculpted over the course of my artistic career.  “Scorch the Rockin’ Dragon” was featured in the February 2009 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.  My most recent work would be the World of Warcraft plush characters.  While I don’t play myself, my mother and brothers do and they prompted me to try my hand at recreating these interesting creatures.  I try to put as much detail as possible into my work, and spend many hours getting it “just right”.  I also strive very hard to provide excellent customer service and communication.  I try to use recycled materials as well- everything has a use!  I never throw out clothing, old purses, or trinkets that could be turned into something new.”


To see more check out the links provided and if you are interested in more by us,Entwined Vines, check us out on Artfire or if you are in the Portland, Oregon area you can find our products at the local artisans co-operative “Artisitic Portland”

Back to Basics: How to make an eye pin 3 different ways

5 Mar

Every now and then while creating a piece I want to use an eye pin but I want it to actively match the wire I am using and at times I want it to have pretty designs, so what is an artist to do? That’s easy, breakout the hand torch and make one of course! Making an eye pin is supper fast and easy once you have everything ready that is. Since it really takes seconds to make a few I highly recommend making multiples at a time even if  you do not need then right that second and mark what wire you used for future use.

What you will need:


  •         wire – 18g works really well
  •         jewelry style anvil
  •         pliers – rounded and flat or curved
  •         files and 0000 steel wool
  •         wire snips
  •         Chasing hammer

1) the fastest and easiest eye pin is one that has a loop to attach with other things.


As you can see above, this is very simple and supper fast. Cut your wire to an inch longer than you need for what you are placing on this pin so you have plenty of work/wiggle room to hang on to. Take a pair of round tip pliers and make a loop on one end doing a “break” at the base so the loop is centered above the shaft. Thread your items on and repeat the loop process at the other end to close then clip any excess wire to make the connections flush.


2) The second very common eye pin style is a hammered end that then can be left flat or curled under and tucked into your piece.


All you need to do is again cut your wire to about an inch longer than you want to end with so you have wiggle room to hang on and work with your wire. Place one end of your wire on a small jewelry style anvil then take your chasing hammer and whack your wire a few times, flip it over and give a couple more whacks to make sure it flares out evenly. Smooth out and soften the sharp edges with a file and complete with the quad lot steel wool. If you want to take this to the next level take your round nose pliers again and tuck under the flattened end so it will snug up into your bead (I really like doing this if I have a large holed bead).


“Every Artist Deserves a Home”

3 Mar

“Tell us about a situation where you’d hoped against all hope, where the odds were completely stacked against you, yet you triumphed. Be sure to describe your situation in full detail. Tell us all about your triumph in all its glory.”


Tammy and I have hopes to make Entwined Vines into our primary source of income like many artists and we have seen how hard that can be. With this in mind we work hard to keep momentum and set goals along the way. We started off with a very tiny part of a booth at bazars as well as online at Artfire. We knew that with our primary creative endeavor as Jewelry Artists required us to get “known” as many people have no clue what Viking Knit is let alone how amazing it is and how comfortable it is to wear while getting huge amounts of positive attention. We knew that is people did not actually see our pieces or see how it is made and how much time and materials go into each piece that we would not be able to make sales let along grow. With this knowledge, we set out to be in positions to be seen more and more so we went through the extensive application process and involvement of becoming members of the Portland Saturday Market (not to be confused with a farmers market). We worked hard at this for three years which was our goal but had concerns that our online sales had been going up but were not stable enough to remove ourselves out of the public eye but knew that our personal lives had been taxed with needing to work 5 days a week at our “normal” jobs and then working so many hours every weekend. Something HAD to give and we were talking about what our options were and voiced that is would be really nice to be a part of an indoor artisans market but that it just was not reasonable as there were no options like that in the area that were not styled as a consignment kind of thing and we both need to be in charge of our work and not just hand it over blindly to a “boss”.

Once we both found our inclination to be a part of a store-front business we looked at cost and energy that would take and yet again we were blown away with the shear level of crazy that would take from both of us to make that happen. We had sadly put that on a back burner as not do-able yet dream worthy when a business acquaintance approached us with a “golden” opportunity; to be a part of a co-operatively owned and operated artisan store-front! Our dream!!! The group was small and had only started brain storming and plotting a month prior so we knew that the work would be intense with huge possibility of not being able to get off the ground let along real success. The formation of by-laws, getting a business license, learning the local laws, figuring out a base start-up budget, finding a location that would work for all, all the little things that a business has to work through before even opening had to be learned and implemented for not just one business but a group of 40+. We found a location and things were looking up to learn that it had fallen through the month before projected opening and the group was stress and crest-fallen. We had high hopes that had tons of momentum and had gone from zero to 100 in a few short months. The scramble was on and the newly appointed board of directors franticly searched for a new location that was in the original area yet still fit all our needs. In less than a week they succeeded although there was added stress as the rent was significantly higher than planned and several people were starting to re-consider paying to be fully a part of this venture as we had passed projected open dates a few times (we had dreamed big and had hoped to open in March – remember planning started only in December) as well as the daunting issue of funding since our very first ever kickstarter project had been basically a bust. Was our hope going to get shattered? Would we as a collective manage to succeed?

The results are still out but it feels like we as a collective have succeeded and Entwined Vines is still an active part of this. Artistic Portland was officially open for business June first after just 6 months of crazy hard work, several downs, and mega up’s. In the last several months the group had shrunk and then grown, we have transitioned, had trials, growing pains as a group as we learned to work together while still working as individual leaders, teams have formed and take off with mostly incredible results, and our hope continues to grow and evolve to greater heights. Entwined Vines is still working on sales through Artfire while growing and working in our community and loving almost every moment of it. Hopes and dreams are completely worth chasing and making true so follow yours then share in our comments.


Different types

18 Feb

Every city and town contains people of different classes: rich, poor, and somewhere in between. What’s it like where you live? If it’s difficult for you to discern and describe the different types of classes in your locale, describe what it was like where you grew up — was it swimming pools and movie stars, industrial and working class, somewhere in between or something completely different? ” this prompt brought to you by:


Entwined Vines Jewelry is based out of Milwaukie, Oregon; we are online and now have a nice selection in a storefront in the Hollywood District of Portland, when we talk a walk through the area we find a very diverse populous. We have a few very poor homeless folk that walk the street collecting cans to return for cash, a soul standing at the off-ramp of the interstate panhandling on one end of our spectrum. On the other end of that spectrum just as easily seen on our neighborhood walk those fortunate individuals and families that are well off; huge home with services provided such as lawn and house cleaning, live in nanny, and pre-made meals courtesy of their chef that magically delivers straight into their kitchens complete with heating instructions for that “home cooked meal” feel without a lick of effort or clean-up.

On average though most of the people in this area are the working class. People get up very early to have a hearty breakfast and then off to a traditional Monday through Friday job that if they are fortunate has decent benefits where they have built relationships with several co-workers enough to feel comfortable enjoying the opportunity to visit during breaks and lunch. When the work day is done cars pass by the droves as everyone travels home to make basic “all American” dinners (what ever that may be) to talk with their children and spouses before doing daily chores and trundling off to an early to bed start and repeat for the next day. These people enjoy yard work, bbq’s in the summer and gabbing with their neighbors when they pass each other when they are out gathering mail or getting in a short walk at the end of their day. We mostly seem to live in late 1960’s early 1970’s era ranch style homes with tidy yards and children that are bless to be able to play out front with one another while knowing a safe adult is helping keep an eye out for if there is need.

With the majority of people in this area being so “June Cleaver” normal one would think “old fashioned” or maybe even “boring” would be how we look. Thankfully the “average” and “normal” person here has a flair for unique and creative. Art is common and desired here where there are “strange” art cars, fashion is eclectic on its most drab day and outlandish on others, hair color can change by the day and body art is the norm.  I have seen a minister perform a wedding ceremony with tattoos along his neck and up onto his face, an attorney with ear plugs that reminded me of the tribes men of Africa and as long as each expression is done with taste each individual can be treated with the respect of their position. This diversity spans the ages, genders, beliefs, and social classes.


Riding the Crazy Train for February 2014

7 Feb


“Jeffrey and Michele Evans began making gift baskets and candy dishes to give for convenient and fun gifts to family and friends on special occasions in 1998 from their home in Washington, DC. People began asking the couple to create baskets that they could purchase and thus, J & M Designs Gift Baskets was created.

In 2006, Michele was looking for the perfect accessory for a gown. Unable to find what she wanted, Michele went to a local craft store and made a necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet set. The jewelry was pegged unique and received rave reviews when people began asking for custom pieces and so, jewelry was added to the designs.

While JaM still creates gift baskets for every occasion, with a growing number of jewelry designs ideas and lines, the couple changed the name of the company to simply JaM Jewelz. JaM operates and sells their designs from their in-home studio located in Richmond, KY as well as their online gallery and store: JaM offers unique and quality products, each made with love, individuality and ORIGINALITY at an affordable price. We create WEARABLE ART for the body and soul. JaM also creates all natural bath and body products including shower gels, body lotions, beauty bars, salt and sugar scrubs, body butters, oils and scented candles called JaM Body Essentials.”


“I grew up surrounded by antiques, family heirlooms with interesting stories attached to them and other treasures from days gone by.  My mother’s side of the family, mostly, and I learned to appreciate the history behind such things early.  My father is the one who took me to the flea markets, auctions and antique shops and taught me how to restore and refinish antique furniture.  He called me Patty Ann.

My dear husband and I have been married 35 years, have two grown sons and we both still love auctions, flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and interesting trash piles.  Our first major “find” together – an old oak pedestal table with claw feet – found it in pieces in the trash.  It had many coats of paint and a 1941 newspaper stuck to the last top layer.  It was a mess but we could see it’s potential.  After weeks of hard work, we sold it for $400.00 to an antique dealer.  Trash to treasure and money in our pockets?  As thrilling to the two of us as knowing that we had saved this beautiful oak table.

We were bursting at the seams with vintage guitars and all kinds of cool stuff from the past by the time Ebay came around and started selling online in 1998.  For the next 10 years, we earned  100% positive feedback, had a lot of fun creating the listings and following our Ebay auctions.  Best of all, we managed to make money – and buy more cool stuff.”


“I love to create one of a kind stories in a variety of mediums. I started making things at a very early age, taught by family members & a variety of very creative teachers. I love to travel & my influences are many & varied. Any questions? Feel free to ask. I’d love to hear from you! SAM    Stop by my Etsy stores:  samsstuff- eco friendly, handmade & vintage jewelry, accessories & clothing shellseye- photography & fun little embroideries”



“I started beading and designing Jewelry about 5 years ago.  I make beadwoven jewelry with small seed beads by hand (not on a loom).  I enjoy this the most, but also make other types of beaded jewelry including strung, wired and knotted.  My favorite materials are silver, gold filled and niobium wires, seed beads, crystal beads, pearls and gemstones.  Please take a look around my shop.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.    Lila Guenther  Gilruth Designs”


“When I make something, I try to be creative and original.  If you look at some of the candles in my shop, you will notice they have designs on them such as colors down the sides, on the top or embeds.  Some even have different color layers and different scents on those layers.  I will try anything crafty once.”


“Adorebynat offers high quality handmade party decorations and supplies. Banner, gift tags, teabag favors, invitations etc”


“Our philosophy is that every person deserves to have a special and unique piece of jewelry.  While our techniques on multiple pieces may be similar, we strive for one of a kind piece(s).  This is accomplished with the materials we use.  Each piece of natural semi-precious gemstone is unique.  Our hand torched lampwork designs are rarely duplicated.  Making it easy to design and incorporate unique elements in each piece”


“I grew up in a rural community where I learned to sew, knit, and crochet at an early age. In High School I made and sold doll clothes around the Holidays. I was even featured on a local TV station with my creations. I studied Art, Home Ec., and Design in college. I have always been intrigued with creating things. I have always worked in some aspect of fiber arts. My husband and I live in California. I spend many of my days working in my studio on some project or other. We do quite a bit of traveling and while he drives I knit. He might like me to drive too, but, my skills are better at the needle than the wheel.”

Riding the Crazy Train for January 2014

6 Jan

We at Entwined Vines Jewelry try to stay active in our craft and within our guilds. This monthly blog is part of this work.



“As a jewelry designer i know how frustrating and difficult its to find the right color, the right size, the right anything. So I have decided to open a store wher a beader can find any desires for his creations. I am at the beginning but with your help I hope soon to reach my goal.”

11/0, 10 g orange seed beads

silver lined orange seed beads


” I started working with wood in college, but was stymied for a few years. After we moved into our house, I took over a good portion of the garage.  We’ve since added on to the garage and created a separate shop for my tools. I’ve built a number of items for use around our house, including a king sized bed, in solid cherry.  Most of my work, currently, is on the lathe.  I enjoy the short turnaround time from raw wood to finished piece.    I’ve been working in stained glass for a number of years.  I’ve done a number of pieces for friends, family and myself.   We’ve got gorgeous, colorful glass hanging in almost all of the windows in our house. I’ve done a little work in chainmaille, but worrying about the links getting swallowed by my four footed companions has reduced my work in that area.    If you’ve got an idea for a custom piece, don’t hesitate to drop me a note.”

mahogany end table

Mahogany table


” Your One-stop Bead Shop since 1999! Let us be your main source for all your jewelry making supplies, beads, findings, tools of the trade, shawl pins and accessories, and more!”

ear wire

copper tone ear wires


” Hello, and welcome to O. Sebastian!  My name is Karen and I am the artist responsible for all of the original creations you see here.  I am a stay-at-home mother of two and have been an avid crafter most of my life.  Aside from the pieces you see here, I also make one-of-a-kind chain maille purses and am always happy to work with you to design something special.  Just about any of my creations can be adapted or re-worked, so contact me if you\’d like to make changes to something you see or if you have an idea that you\’d like to have created just for you.  I live in Aubrey, Texas with my marvelous husband and our two children.”

Chain Maille Earrings

Twisted Sister Chain Maille Earrings


“Welcome to The Gypsy Cottage! My name is Dianne Busby Edwards and The Gypsy Cottage is my “brainchild”. I was born & raised in southeast Louisiana. My “cottage” is nestled in the woods about an hour north of New Orleans. I have been happily married to my husband Clay for over 20 years and have 2 daughters, 2 sons, a grandson, a grand-daughter and a multitude of kids who call me Mama. My life is all about family.

I am a self taught seamstress and crafter. I inherited my love of sewing and beautiful fabric & trims from my Grandma Spears and my love of quilts and gypsy style from my Grandma Busby. I am a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. I have done a multitude of things from accounting to hosting Extreme Cowboy Races and everything in between. I hope you enjoy our work and your visit to The Gypsy Cottage!

My partners are my daughter Cally:

I am a 19 year old art student at Southeastern Louisiana University. I do multiple things with my art. I enjoy charcoal drawing, graphite drawing, wood burning and making jewelry. I help my mom by collaborating on the designs for her clothing and modeling. My daughter is what drives me to do my best work. I hope you enjoy my creations!

and my best friend Dawne:

My name is Dawne Mitchell Howell. I have been happily married for 20+ years and am the mother of twins. My son who is in the Army National Guard and has recently married. My daughter who has recently graduated from college.

I was born in Lombard, Illinois where I lived until my father was transferred to Atlanta, Ga. when I was 13. I went to beauty college and became hairdresser there, which is where I met my husband, also a hairdresser. We married and had the twins. When they were 1 year old we moved to his hometown of Amite, LA. We wanted to raise them in a small town atmosphere, which turned out to be a good decision as they have both grown to be adults we are very proud of.

As for my sewing career I started sewing when I was 9 with no training, I guess I was a natural. I took every sewing class offered at school. My senior year I was the only one signed up for the advance class and was given my choice of projects. I chose a prom dress. The teacher said it was too complicated but was over ruled by the principle. I finished by lovely yellow dress of chiffon, lace and silk ( looks like Belle’s dress from Beauty & the Beast). It was sent to GA State to be graded. I received an A and it was put on display for all to see. My confidence was increased and I got my first sewing job with a local alterations shop. I learned all the ins & outs there. My next job was with an interior design workshop where I learned all their tips & tricks. We moved to LA and I met Dianne. Our husbands worked on the road together and we quickly became friends. We shared our love of sewing and soon opened our first business with me doing alteration and her sewing from scratch. It grew and I was soon doing alterations for 17 cleaners with several employees. In 2003 I gave it all up to become Mom, Dad, grounds keeper, taxi and everything else when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. After he returned I went to work for a friends bridal shop doing alterations. After 7 years she closed to raise a family and I went back to work as a hairdresser. I am now an assistant manager of a local chain.

Dianne & I put our creative heads together and are once again working to create the items for our online store. I hope you enjoy our wonderful, fun items and your visit to The Gypsy Cottage!”

4 pairs of custom arm warmers

arm warmers


” In the early 70’s, I made long dresses from colorful cotton bedspreads printed in India, macramed belts and jewelry, denim bags and muslin peasant blouses and sold them in the shop my mother, my aunt and I owned and operated in Brielle, NJ called The Deck House. Those were halcyon days at the Jersey Shore.  Now that I have discovered that same entrepreneurial spirit and the time to sit and sew and create whatever I want, my obsessive creative disorder and I are on The Sunny Side.   Welcome to my Artfire Shop,  TheSunnySideBiz.

I’ve been married for 37 years to the love of my life.  We have two grown sons and 2 dogs – a Mini Schnauzer and a Yorky. Life is good!”

Tribal Batik Duster

Tribal Batik Sarong Duster


” I am a young Old Guy who retired at 62 and have not looked backward even 1 day, and find that there are still not enough hours in the day to get the things done that I want to.My week days start at 4:30AM.  I am a member of the Rome, NY YMCA and play racquetball 3 days a week and do the treadmill/bike and jacuzzi 2 days.  I take off Saturday and Sunday but usually get up early on those days too.  The rest of the day is spent in my “shop”, blowing snow, or mowing the grass depending on the season. I really take great pleasure creating something useful from a piece of wood that will last for years.  The most rewarding thing about my woodworking is to see a “happy person” with something I created.  Nothing leaves my shop until it is in perfect condition. I have “unique” Cutting Boards/Cheese Boardsthat come in the shaped of an Apple, piece of Bread, Moose, Wine Bottle, Sailboat, Owl to name a few,  There is also a number of “Mini” Cutting boards for you to look at. A selection of “Coasters” are also out there in addition to many other items. Please contact me with any questions or requests.”


set of 2 wood trivets


” I have been making jewelry since 2001.  I use natural stones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver for much of my work.  I have  been involved in art and craft shows in the southwest and locally.  Juried shows I have participated in are Artworks Lateral 58 in Glendale Arizona, Covered Bridges in Indiana and Cedarhurst in Mount Vernon, Illinois.  June 30, 2012, I opened an arts and crafts vendor store in Centralia, Illinois that enables the very talented local artisans to sell their handmade crafts.”


Crystal Waterfall


” viadellaRosa is M. Tina Alvarado.  I am located in beautiful Westborough, Massachusetts, located just between Boston and Worcester.  Before I relocated here in 2003, I did not even know this area existed — now I cannot imagine living anywhere else (except maybe on a lush island in the Pacific.)

I have been creating rosaries and jewelry part-time since 2006, right after the birth of my daughter.  I make my rosaries and chaplets with a unique flair, incorporating beautiful semi-precious and glass beads with traditional and modern centerpieces and crucifixes.  I design my rosaries and chaplets for both for everyday use and for their unique design.

Many crafts persons try to find that one special product or style that speaks to them.  I let my jewelry style reflect the eclectic part of my nature.  I create whatever my brain can imagine and my hands can make real.

I can go from traditional, classic styles of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, to modern and romantic “period” pieces.  I create all of my pieces with an eye to detail, and with a desire to make my treasures unforgettably yours.”

Wooden Chotki Orthodox Prayer Rope

Prayer Rope


” Photography started as just a hobby I later combined it with another favorite pastime, riding my motorcycle. I now take long rides with my wife looking for interesting photographic opportunities.

My camera is always with me be it on my motorcycle or in the truck. My eyes and my wifes eyes are always looking for that interesting shot.

Recently I was approached by a store owner in an ocean resort town near where I live about putting my photos in her store. I have and they have been met with a good reception.

It makes me happy to see that my work is admired by others and that my photos are hanging in others homes and offices for them to enjoy.”

Bayside Pier

The Pier


” A LilBitOLove is run by my husband and I! We love working together and have the opportunity to share the love and passion we have for creating a decal, card, etc that you will love! Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Our Graphics business is called Grey Dog Graphics. We had our Scrapbook Card and Decal Shop on Etsy first under Lil’ Bit O’ Love (Lil Bit is the nickname my husband calls me) ”

Dream Card

Dream Card


” Melek Designs is based in sunny Corpus Christi, Tx, where it is as gorgeous as it is hot and humid!  I began my business in 2006 after I was introduced to beading, and a whole new world opened up to me!    Each piece is made with carefully selected materials and great attention to detail.   If you would like a matching pair of earrings and/or a bracelet with a particular necklace, just let me know, and it can be arranged. All orders will be packaged with the greatest of care, ready for shipment via USPS Priority Mail within 48 hrs. with a tracking number, except for custom orders, that may require a little more time. ”

Seed Bead Necklace

Heavens Messenger


” My name is Zelma, I started making jewelry after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Feb 2007. That was a very hard time for me and making jewelry is very therapeutic and gets me through my bad days. Making Jewelry is my new passion in life along with God and my wonderful family. I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful Hubby of 12+ years who are the world to me.”

Semi precious stone watch

Sodalite Watch


” I am a stay at home mom who got laid off and decided to take my love of jewelry making to the next level.  I have tried selling on eBay but I did not like it.  I found Artfire and absolutely love this site!   I specialize in chunky charm bracelets but do create other items as well!”

Flowers Galore

Hibiscus Chunky Bracelet


” I have been crocheting for about 20 years on and off. After my second child was born I found myself crocheting at night more and more. Fast forward a few years and I can’t not crochet at least a row or round a day. I started thecrochetcubby at the urging of friends and family. When I am not creating with yarn I am a wife and mother to a great husband and two preschool aged kids. I also enjoy reading and camping with my family.”

handmade crocketed red bag

Red Crochet bag


” One of my Avatars is a teacher and that makes me a seeker of new knowledge. Some aspects of learning involve pattern recognition in everything around me. In my imagination jewelry captures the rhythms and vitality of the blue skies, flowers and other natural things that exist in this world. I have a great appreciation of nature and its beauty. I love this beautiful but fragile planet.

In an attempt to capture and preserve some of the natural beauty that surrounded me I have been involved in art from my early days. I do shell art, paint, make paper flowers, soap, candles, tie and dye t shirts and batik among other things. The designs that I use to make them come from Mother Nature.

I find gems and beads fascinating due to their endless colors and shapes. As I watch the enchanting play of colors as light passes through them I start hearing John Denver songs in my head.

I collect gems and have read a lot about their chemical composition and molecular structures. There is still so much to learn. I also love gardening and have a nice but small  garden.

I am an ardent customer of everything handmade.  Since I like jewelry of all types I wanted to make some myself. I took classes in Syracuse University and Munson William Proctor Art institute in jewelry making, enameling, lapidary, cold connections and metal working.

I also took some beading classes and found myself enthralled with the variety and variations in the beaded necklaces that I was able to create. I designed a few pieces from drawings that I created of my grandmother’s jewelry and many Mughalai pieces I had seen in some museums and magazines. I could not stop.

I have chosen Shrishti as the brand name for my work. It means creation in Sanskrit. I attach a small tag with the this brand name to the pieces I create.

I hope to market some of my work to support my jewelry making as a standalone activity. I hope you find my pieces attractive and well priced and encourage my efforts.

I make only one of each of the beaded necklaces that I list. My designs may appeal to people who like rich colors of the tropics and designs not found in stores. I can personalize them for your gift giving occasions. They will make great gifts for folks who love jewelry.

I constantly look for new patterns to add to my repertoire and I am open to ideas.”


Pupa Look