Get to know Entwined Vines

Tina & Tammy welcome you to Entwined Vines.  Tammy resides in Washington and Tina is just across the river in Oregon. We have pooled our knowledge to bring you quality one of a kind, cerified handcrafted wares.

We met working with personal spa products several years ago. During that time we found we had many interestes that over lapped such as hiking, gardening, a love of reading, and crafts of just about every variety. We would run a booth at different events in the area for the spa company and in down time we both seemed to always have a jewelry project to work on. We talked a LOT and decided to join forces, share skills, and teach each other what we knew as well as occasionally take a class together to learn even more…

A bit more about Tammy:    ” I have a very full life, but a quite home as I am single with no kids.   Loving kids, I spend a great deal of time with my 2 nephews and 4 nieces, and about a dozen adopted nieces and nephews as time allows between creating  jewelry and my full time job in corporate America.   For me kids are a constant source of both amusement and inspiration; because they look at the world so differently than adults.    Managing my home includes a large backyard that allows me to garden to my hearts content, which I always find inspirational.  While creating jewelry is my main focus (I must play with stones), I also enjoy hiking, camping, reading, movies, bellydancing, playing with fire and moltan glass (as in lampwork glass), photography, working with clay, & painting. In addition to the kids in my life, I have a small but close supportive circle of friends that I enjoy spending time with.   While I prefer to live simply, I do not feel short changed.  Each day is filled with new adventures.”

A bit more about Tina: “I have a full life the helps to inspire me through each new adventure. I have 4 daughters that live with me and my husband, ranging in age from almost 20 down to 12. My husband has a passion of working with metal, to eventually have his forge fully up and running, so I am always thinking of items that might combine his passion with mine in the realm of jewelry. On top of running my home, cooking most things from scratch, preserving food, gardening, and the like, I also run an in-home child day care. As I type this all my little ones (today ages 4 and up) are sitting at the table making jewelry from the skills I have passed on to them to make gifts for family. I gain inspiration from my daily life and from nature, although I tend to be a linier thinker, jewelry forms in my mind to be created usually while I sit outside watching the children or my 10 chickens. My, how life is grand yet simple even if you live within 10 minutes drive to the “big city” (mine being Portland).”


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