Throw Back Thursday: Oh the Places We have Been

7 Aug


Entwined Vines is not THAT old but we have been around for several years now. We have had many ups and downs on this adventure and today we are taking you down memory lane with us!


When we first got started we did a skin care MLM styled product line and since we both enjoyed making jewelry we agreed when we worked events together we would set up a small section of hand made jewelry and see how it went.




After about half a year and several interesting events, the MLM company changed their product line enough that we both walked away and began pursuing Entwined Vines in a much more serious manner. With this in mind we researched several online options and elected to put out our shingle so to speak on Artfire as you can see here. We found that at the time they had the most tools to help us on our journey while being open to all (you do not need to have an account to order like another very well known location), had the best online security for personal information for ourselves and out potential customers, and the rates were stable enough that we could keep our pricing stay lower (we put true cost pricing on ALL our goods). As you can see from this example of one of our first pieces posted, we had already started growing…


Earlier wire wrap bracelet


As you can see that bracelet is pretty yet still basic. The photo quality is alright but has tons of room for improvement. We were taking all our photo’s with bare bones point and shoot camera’s and had NO editing software and even if we did, we would not have had clue one as to where to start without making things way, way worse! We continued having a table or booth at shows but the budget was small and so the events we were able to sign up for were lacking in mostly advertising and attendance. We were part of three of the worst shows in the first year! One was so bad that the organizers ended up in court (not by us but other vendors at the event we were unfortunately a part of due to not holding up their end of the contract AND a second case from bills they racked up and failed to pay for that event) to give you an idea of just how BAD some of the events out there can and have been. On the other hand, that first year we stumbled along through these events having NO CLUE what we were really doing, what kind of set-up would work best and travel well through all the beating of stacking, packing, and heavy traffic (when we were fortunate to be at a GREAT show). We talked and learned through those around us, reading everything we could find, and keeping notes of what worked and what did not, and why, so we could work on making our business better at every turn.


Check back and see what Throw Back Thursday has in store for you next week.  Feel free to leave us a comment and if it is approved, we will put your name into our drawing to be held later this year.



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