Riding the Crazy Train March 2014

7 Mar


“I have been Creating Art as long as I can remember…

I remember drawing the cartoons when I was a Very Small child.

I’ve always loved to Create Beautiful Things.

Anytime I can take something ordinary and turn it into a Beautiful piece of Art,

it is so Amazing!

I am a self taught Portrait Artist,

but I love working with all types of mediums,such as Pencil, Acrylic, Oil, Ceramic, Wire, Stone,

just to name a few….”


“I was born and raised in small town Wisconsin; land of the frozen tundra and cheese.  Growing up in the rural Midwest could have been considered boring but I had always filled my days with adventure.  Treasure hunting and day dreaming of tropical get-aways were my favorite hobbies.

Now am living my dreams; living, working, and playing in the hot desert sun of Palm Springs California.  I love being a Cali girl but of course you can’t take away my roots and I still have a huge place in my heart for treasure hunting and cheese.”


“My name is Jennifer and I found out my grandmother used to paint china. All of her work is stunning but what is amazing is that she had multiple sclerosis. I didnt know her well but know I am proud she was my grandmother. I pull inspiration from her and her strength.”


” I’m an Army Brat who was born in France to a U.S. Dad and French Mom.  I grew up in Europe and Turkey and was lucky enough to have traveled all over the world. I still love the traveling and seeing the fashions and styles of other countries … which I love incorporating into my “style”.”


” I am a Rag Quilter. I have been experimenting with traditional quilting also. I love to mix both styles.”


“Our home is in Lake Mary, Florida and we have been married for nineteen years.    My husband Jack, has over thirty three years experience as an award-winning Art Director with various design and advertising agencies, then for his own successful graphic design firm. He puts his talents to work now by making lampwork beads and jewelry.    I (Mary) have always been attracted to anything that sparkled, and what sparkles as much as jewelry? “Glass”.  I was very lucky to find a friend that taught me how to create beautiful beads, starting out with a glass rod and melting it like butter. Form it, roll it, and add more color!    I then passed what she showed me to my husband and look where it has taken us! Visit our gallery of Classy Art Glass to see the beautiful glass he has created.    What could be more fun doing something you love?!!”


” My name is Roxanne Coffelt.  I make all the jewelry that you see here in my studio.  I use many techniques, including fused glass, precious metal clay, wire-wrapping and sometimes just plain old stringing.

As a child I was exposed to lots of crafty things.  My mother sewed.  I learned Indian seed beading, made potholders, did leather work at camp, etc.

My journey in jewelry-making began in Shanghai, China.  While living there I learned about pearls; first buying pearl jewelry while shopping with the other tai tais (wives), then designing my own personal jewelry and having it made by the shops there, and buying a variety of pearls.  With my family I also traveled extensively in China in addition to other parts of Asia.  After returning to the U.S., I began taking jewelry classes in order to use the large supply of pearls I had accumulated.  My shop is named “Shanghai Tai” because one tai character means “too”, as in “too much”, “too expensive”, like “extreme”.  Two of the same character together though, is tai tai, which means “wife” or “Mrs.”  To me, Shanghai Tai represents the (slightly excessive) lifestyle that western expat women live in Asia.   My designs often have an Asian influence as a result of my many travels and exposure to Eastern cultures.

Though my degree is in accounting, I have taken many classes and workshops to improve my jewelry-making skills,  including classes from Chris Darway, Mark Nelson and Holly Gage, among others. In 2009 I became certified in precious metal clay.   As you can see, I also like to work with fused glass.  So far I have only exhibited my work locally, but have won some awards:”


”  A degree in horticulture, and working in that industry have greatly influenced my art. Most of the fabrics I use in my original designs are hand painted and(or) sunprinted by me to achieve colors and textures that can not be found in stores. Sunprinting on fabric can give many surprising results- the paint never dries the same way twice (It really can be fun to watch paint dry), and my gardens supply me with the many flowers and leaves I use for the sunprints. My photos of flowers and more from gardens or in the wild, are now finding their way into my art after I print them onto fabric.    The beauty of this earth we have been given to live in, with it’s flowers, gardens and rock formations is the main inspiration for my fabrics and art.

I began writing and selling patterns for my gift items so that others can make them with their own fabrics and creative styles (find them in my AndrusGardensDesigns shop here on ArtFire or at Craftsy.com). I love sharing creative knowledge through my blog, teaching workshops and lecturing”


“AUNTIE CHRIS AFFORDABLE QUILT FABRICS  We carry quilt shop quality fabrics without the quilt shop prices, affordable quilting/sewing kits and patterns. Quality fabrics will make a difference in the appearance and longevity of your finished projects. We strive to find beautiful, interesting and quality fabrics for less. We have hundreds of items to populate my shop, please check back often. Affordable heirlooms start here. Will happily ship a fat eighth to a whole bolt if that’s what you need. Always adding new items and surprises!!”


”  I have a large collection of silver beads, gemstones, some crystals and cabochons. New items added every day. My goal is to provide buyers with unique quality beading supplies and sell them in smaller quantities. I am also a jewelry artist specializing in unique handmade jewelry in a variety of styles and colors. My jewelry pieces can be found at: http://dianesdangles.artfire.com”


” I have been an artist since I was child with my first lump of Play Doh.  I have always enjoyed working with clay and discovered polymer clay in my late teens.  I love animals, nature, and the world of fantasy and this is reflected in my sculptures.  I also enjoy a large variety of crafts, and like to try new things.  Several years ago I started making cloth dolls, which have been a huge hit with my nieces and friend’s children.  I even had one of my dolls featured in “Today’s Creative Home Arts”.  The dolls make wonderful gifts for children or doll collectors.  Recently I began making jewelry with polymer clay and a variety of beads.  I’m inspired by bold colors and interesting shapes.  I also make very detailed miniature polymer clay houses surrounded with beautiful landscaping.  One of my log cabins was featured in the October 2008 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.  Fantasy has always lighted a creative spark in me, and many of my sculptures sprang into life with that spark.  Fairies, wizards, gnomes, trolls, and dragons have all been sculpted over the course of my artistic career.  “Scorch the Rockin’ Dragon” was featured in the February 2009 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine.  My most recent work would be the World of Warcraft plush characters.  While I don’t play myself, my mother and brothers do and they prompted me to try my hand at recreating these interesting creatures.  I try to put as much detail as possible into my work, and spend many hours getting it “just right”.  I also strive very hard to provide excellent customer service and communication.  I try to use recycled materials as well- everything has a use!  I never throw out clothing, old purses, or trinkets that could be turned into something new.”


To see more check out the links provided and if you are interested in more by us,Entwined Vines, check us out on Artfire or if you are in the Portland, Oregon area you can find our products at the local artisans co-operative “Artisitic Portland”


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