Back to Basics: How to make an eye pin 3 different ways

5 Mar

Every now and then while creating a piece I want to use an eye pin but I want it to actively match the wire I am using and at times I want it to have pretty designs, so what is an artist to do? That’s easy, breakout the hand torch and make one of course! Making an eye pin is supper fast and easy once you have everything ready that is. Since it really takes seconds to make a few I highly recommend making multiples at a time even if  you do not need then right that second and mark what wire you used for future use.

What you will need:


  •         wire – 18g works really well
  •         jewelry style anvil
  •         pliers – rounded and flat or curved
  •         files and 0000 steel wool
  •         wire snips
  •         Chasing hammer

1) the fastest and easiest eye pin is one that has a loop to attach with other things.


As you can see above, this is very simple and supper fast. Cut your wire to an inch longer than you need for what you are placing on this pin so you have plenty of work/wiggle room to hang on to. Take a pair of round tip pliers and make a loop on one end doing a “break” at the base so the loop is centered above the shaft. Thread your items on and repeat the loop process at the other end to close then clip any excess wire to make the connections flush.


2) The second very common eye pin style is a hammered end that then can be left flat or curled under and tucked into your piece.


All you need to do is again cut your wire to about an inch longer than you want to end with so you have wiggle room to hang on and work with your wire. Place one end of your wire on a small jewelry style anvil then take your chasing hammer and whack your wire a few times, flip it over and give a couple more whacks to make sure it flares out evenly. Smooth out and soften the sharp edges with a file and complete with the quad lot steel wool. If you want to take this to the next level take your round nose pliers again and tuck under the flattened end so it will snug up into your bead (I really like doing this if I have a large holed bead).



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