September Crazy Train Guild Riders

6 Sep


“I actually didn’t start crafting until I was a teenager but I’ve always loved animals as I grew up having a pet constantly. I have a huge heart when it comes to them. Earlier 2013 I decided to merge the two things I love most by creating this business to help animals. I take a portion of everything I sell and donate it to area rescue groups and no kill shelters so they can continue doing the wonderful work they do for our four legged companions. These organizations rely on donations to provide basic needs and other items to unwanted or misplaced animals. I take great pride in being able to help them do this.”



” I have been crocheting for about 20 years on and off. After my second child was born I found myself crocheting at night more and more. Fast forward a few years and I can’t not crochet at least a row or round a day. I started thecrochetcubby at the urging of friends and family. When I am not creating with yarn I am a wife and mother to a great husband and two preschool aged kids. I also enjoy reading and camping with my family.”



” Melek Designs is based in sunny Corpus Christi, Tx, where it is as gorgeous as it is hot and humid!  I began my business in 2006 after I was introduced to beading, and a whole new world opened up to me!    Each piece is made with carefully selected materials and great attention to detail.   If you would like a matching pair of earrings and/or a bracelet with a particular necklace, just let me know, and it can be arranged. All orders will be packaged with the greatest of care, ready for shipment via USPS Priority Mail within 48 hrs. with a tracking number, except for custom orders, that may require a little more time.    I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact me.”



“I grew up surrounded by antiques, family heirlooms with interesting stories attached to them and other treasures from days gone by.  My mother’s side of the family, mostly, and I learned to appreciate the history behind such things early.  My father is the one who took me to the flea markets, auctions and antique shops and taught me how to restore and refinish antique furniture.  He called me Patty Ann.

My dear husband and I have been married 35 years, have two grown sons and we both still love auctions, flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and interesting trash piles.  Our first major “find” together – an old oak pedestal table with claw feet – found it in pieces in the trash.  It had many coats of paint and a 1941 newspaper stuck to the last top layer.  It was a mess but we could see it’s potential.  After weeks of hard work, we sold it for US $400.00 to an antique dealer.  Trash to treasure and money in our pockets?  As thrilling to the two of us as knowing that we had saved this beautiful oak table”



” Photography started as just a hobby I later combined it with another favorite pastime, riding my motorcycle. I now take long rides with my wife looking for interesting photographic opportunities.

My camera is always with me be it on my motorcycle or in the truck. My eyes and my wifes eyes are always looking for that interesting shot.

Recently I was approached by a store owner in an ocean resort town near where I live about putting my photos in her store. I have and they have been met with a good reception.

It makes me happy to see that my work is admired by others and that my photos are hanging in others homes and offices for them to enjoy.”



” One of my Avatars is a teacher and that makes me a seeker of new knowledge. Some aspects of learning involve pattern recognition in everything around me. In my imagination jewelry captures the rhythms and vitality of the blue skies, flowers and other natural things that exist in this world. I have a great appreciation of nature and its beauty. I love this beautiful but fragile planet.
In an attempt to capture and preserve some of the natural beauty that surrounded me I have been involved in art from my early days. I do shell art, paint, make paper flowers, soap, candles, tie and dye t shirts and batik among other things. The designs that I use to make them come from Mother Nature.

I find gems and beads fascinating due to their endless colors and shapes. As I watch the enchanting play of colors as light passes through them I start hearing John Denver songs in my head.

I collect gems and have read a lot about their chemical composition and molecular structures. There is still so much to learn. I also love gardening and have a nice but small  garden.

I am an ardent customer of everything handmade.  Since I like jewelry of all types I wanted to make some myself. I took classes in Syracuse University and Munson William Proctor Art institute in jewelry making, enameling, lapidary, cold connections and metal working.

I also took some beading classes and found myself enthralled with the variety and variations in the beaded necklaces that I was able to create. I designed a few pieces from drawings that I created of my grandmother’s jewelry and many Mughalai pieces I had seen in some museums and magazines. I could not stop.

I have chosen Shrishti as the brand name for my work. It means creation in Sanskrit. I attach a small tag with the this brand name to the pieces I create.

I hope to market some of my work to support my jewelry making as a standalone activity. I hope you find my pieces attractive and well priced and encourage my efforts.

I make only one of each of the beaded necklaces that I list. My designs may appeal to people who like rich colors of the tropics and designs not found in stores. I can personalize them for your gift giving occasions. They will make great gifts for folks who love jewelry.

I constantly look for new patterns to add to my repertoire and I am open to ideas.”



“I’ve made jewelry for ten years, which I’ve sold on Artfire and Etsy.  I have also loved photography for many years and have decided to focus on that online. I traveled to 20 cities in 5 countries this year and took some photographs that I love.

I am offering the photos as jpeg files so that customers can print them to frame or use on t shirts, as well as for screen savers and wallpaper on their computers.  I hope that someday you are able to see these places in person.  What a beautiful world we live in.”



” I’ve always been a creative person, making this and making that. Many people I know have encouraged me to sell my art, so here I go!

Mainly I create creative and colorful jewelry, but I like to dabble in all art forms, so don’t be surprised to see a cute plushie or an art print in my shop sometimes. ^_^”



” I have been sewing since I was a little girl when grandmother piqued my interest. She taught me to sew in her back bedroom sewing area.  I then moved on to sharpen my skills in the costume shop at college and then a tailoring shop later in life.  Always learning new things I learned smocking when my Mother gave me her Pullen pleater and tend to put a unique touch on every creation.”



” My name is Zelma, I started making jewelry after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Feb 2007. That was a very hard time for me and making jewelry is very therapeutic and gets me through my bad days. Making Jewelry is my new passion in life along with God and my wonderful family. I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful Hubby of 11+ years who are the world to me.”



” My name is Andrea, I was born and raised in Lima-Peru, Southamerica. I love to knit and create different things like jewelry, cards, you name it. I design scarves, ponchos, shawls, baby clothing etc. In general I handknit,  however sometimes I used a knitting machine.   I was a knitting machine instructor. I did  all my clothing, including dresses, jacquets, sweaters, pants, baby clothing, and more. When I got married (21 years ago) and  came to the USA, I did not bring my knitting machine with me (big mistake); after several years working as a Call Center Supervisor, I thought I could buy a knitting machine to do stuff for me and my husband, and have a small busniness. I started to  research in my city for  places to buy  one, I found out in the States the knitting machines are very expensive, more than US $1,000.00 dollars, depending on the brand, and very difficult to get one in my own city, checking in the internet I got a seller 35 miles from my city, and I got the knitting machine from her. First of all, I wanted to start making scarves, but the end product was not what I was expecting …because I did not know were to find yarn in my city; I again started searching  the internet for places, brands, and..I discovered a new world…I fall in love with yarn that I could not use in my knitting machine, in order to use the yarn that I like it so much, I will need  to  use the needles and crochet again….I design gorgeous scarves, shawls, ponchos, baby clothing, scarfette using beautiful yarns combining differents types of textures, that is soft to the skin, light, comfortable, elegant and breath taking.  My goal is reached when my customer is happy with the product she has chosen and tells me  she was asked… .WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.!..  I am in the Master Knitter Program  to become a Master Knitter”



” I am a stay at home mom who got laid off and decided to take my love of jewelry making to the next level.  I have tried selling on eBay but I did not like it.  I found Artfire and absolutely love this site!   I specialize in chunky charm bracelets but do create other items as well! ”



” I like a variety of crafts.  I can sew, crochet, cross stitch, and make candles.

When I make something, I try to be creative and original.  If you look at some of the candles in my shop, you will notice they have designs on them such as colors down the sides, on the top or embeds.  Some even have different color layers and different scents on those layers.  I will try anything crafty once.”



” I am Sherri Rhodes; Tamarack Artist from Culloden, WV.  Graduated from Marshall University; studied music & art edu.  My husband and I have a Stained Glass & Custom Picture Framing Studio in Charleston, WV.  We camp, fish, prospect for gold, & attend bluegrass festivals whenever we can.

My designs are inspired by the wildlife and landscapes that surrounds me in my beautiful home state of WV: truly, a hidden treasure. I am also a certified Picture Framer and I love to create original and functional art combining wood and glass. This combination of mediums makes my art unique and gives me an increased range of design. I specialize in custom stained glass and custom framing designs and love to create original custom designs”



” Greetings from the Stitch Crazy Sisters.  We are that, sisters that LOVE to stitch!”


Entwined Vines Jewelry

” Tina and Tammy met through a different business and in time we became friends.  We found we have similar interests and discovered we both have a passion for creating jewelry.  After much discussion and deliberation we decided to combine our talents, share skills and teach each other what we know and form Entwined Vines Jewelry.  Occasionally we will take the same classes to learn or refine a skill, as well as classes on our own, we both our life long students and constantly learning.

Combined we have a total of 50+ years’ experience in creating jewelry.  While we both use similar techniques we each bring our own personal perspective to the table when it comes to designing pieces.  Each of us has our preferred specialty in design and choice of semi-precious gemstones, though we both work with them all.

Hi I am Tina, I have a full life the helps to inspire me through each new adventure. I have 4 daughters that live with my husband and I, ranging in age from 21 down to just turned 14. My husband has a passion for working with metal to eventually have his forge fully up and running.  So I am always thinking of items that might combine his passion with mine, in the realm of jewelry.

On top of running my home, cooking most things from scratch, preserving food, and the like, I also run an in-home child day care. As I type this all my little ones (today ages 9 month and up) are sitting at the table making jewelry from the skills I have passed on to them to make gifts for family. I gain inspiration from my daily life and from nature although I tend to be a linier thinker jewelry forms in my mind to be created usually while I sit outside watching the children. My how life is grand yet simple even if you live within 10 minutes’ drive to the “big city” (mine being Portland).

Hi I am Tammy and while I have a very full life, it can be a quite one as I am single with no children.  I love kids, and spend a great deal of time with my 2 nephews and 4 nieces, and about a dozen adopted nieces and nephews.  This happens as time allows between creating jewelry, gardening, knowledge pursuits and my full time job in corporate America. I have always found children to be a constant source of both amusement and inspiration; because they look at the world so differently than adults.

Managing my home includes a large backyard that allows me to garden till my heart’s content, which I is not only inspirational but relaxing as well.  While creating jewelry is a primary passion and focus.   I also enjoy hiking, camping, reading, movies, bellydancing, photography, archery, working with clay, & painting. Though my absolute favorite pastime is a good meal with close friends, I have a small but close supportive circle of friends.  Each and every one of them I value for their unique personalities as well as their individual perspective’s about life.  While I prefer to live simply, I do not feel short changed. Each day is filled with new adventures.”


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