Taking the Crazy Train for August

5 Aug

“A Lil’ Bit O’ Love is run by my husband and I! We love working together and have the opportunity to share the love and passion we have for creating a decal, card, etc that you will love! Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Our Graphics business is called Grey Dog Graphics. We had our Scrapbook Card and Decal Shop on Etsy first under Lil’ Bit O’ Love (Lil Bit is the nickname my husband calls me)”



“A degree in horticulture, and working in that industry have greatly influenced my art. Most of the fabrics I use in my original designs are hand painted and(or) sunprinted by me to achieve colors and textures that can not be found in stores. Sunprinting on fabric can give many surprising results- the paint never dries the same way twice (It really can be fun to watch paint dry), and my gardens supply me with the many flowers and leaves I use for the sunprints. My photos of flowers and more from gardens or in the wild, are now finding their way into my art after I print them onto fabric.     The beauty of this earth we have been given to live in, with it’s flowers, gardens and rock formations is the inspiration for my fabrics and art. I also produce my own Reproduction Prints and Note Cards of my quilts on quality papers with archival inks.”


” come from a family of crafters, so creating comes naturally to me.  As a little girl, my mother taught me how to sew my own doll clothes and knit a scarf.  As my creating passion grew, I took up needlework and candlemaking.

I was introduced to jewellery making, once again, by my mother.  On her trips down south for the winter, she would learn the techniques and bring home her finished products.  Each year was looking more and more interesting, so I tried it myself.  I picked up a kit from Michaels, and found that I enjoyed it.  There are many avenues you can take with jewellery, but I quickly realized that I was addicted to chain mail and loved to work with wire.  With chain mail, there are so many weaves to learn and metals that can be used.  I like to incorporate crystals and or seed beads to many of my designs to add colour and sparkle. I do not make my own rings, but have researched a premium ring maker located in Saskatchewan called Metal Designz.  My wire work includes “The Tree of Life” which has Swarovski Crystals forming the branches, and I love making finger rings.

I also do some bead work.  A popular weave is made of gemstone chips for a chunky bracelet or part of a necklace.  For a fancy bling bracelet, I will incorporate round beads and seed beads with crystals.

I have been making jewellery since 2010, and now have expanded to other accessories.  I love both making and selling what I have made.  It is so nice talking to customers that tell me about all the compliments they have received.”


“Hello, and welcome to O. Sebastian!  My name is Karen and I am the artist responsible for all of the original creations you see here.  I am a stay-at-home mother of two and have been an avid crafter most of my life.  Aside from the pieces you see here, I also make one-of-a-kind chain maille purses and am always happy to work with you to design something special.  Just about any of my creations can be adapted or re-worked, so contact me if you\’d like to make changes to something you see or if you have an idea that you\’d like to have created just for you.  I live in Aubrey, Texas with my marvelous husband and our two children.”


“In the early 70’s, I made long dresses from colorful cotton bedspreads printed in India and macramed belts, bags and necklaces and sold them in the shop my mother and I owned and operated in Brielle, NJ called The Deck House. The experience of managing a business, while it lasted, was one of the greatest gifts she gave me.     I’ve worked for many business owners and characters with character since then as their receptionist, personal secretary, administrative assistant, executive assistant, bookkeeper, marketing assistant, sales rep, account executive, assistant manager, project manager, office manager, and website/network administrator. Many hats, some fit better than others.     I built my first website in 1996 and have worked with many small business owners and entrepreneurs on theirs since then.  In 2004, I quit my day job, set up my home office, built my website, and formed an LLC in pursuit of that comfortable balance between making a living and having a life.  The Sunny Side Dot Biz, LLC.  http://www.thesunnyside.biz.     I was in my office one day and with alot of time on my hands, started to organize boxes of fabric and unfinished sewing projects.  I remembered thinking – Someday I would love to have the time to sit and sew and create whatever I want.  That someday has apparently arrived.  Welcome to my Artfire Studio.        I’ve been married for 34 years to the love of my life.  We have two grown sons and 2 dogs – a Mini Schnauzer and a Yorky. There’s no place like home and sewing is what I love to do when I’m not taking care of my family, my clients or my garden.     “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” – Confucius said it and I believe it!.”


“I am a young Old Guy who retired at 62 and have not looked backward even 1 day, and find that there are still not enough hours in the day to get the things done that I want to.My week days start at 4:30AM.  I am a member of the Rome, NY YMCA and play racquetball 3 days a week and do the treadmill/bike and jacuzzi 2 days.  I take off Saturday and Sunday but usually get up early on those days too.  The rest of the day is spent in my “shop”, blowing snow, or mowing the grass depending on the season. I really take great pleasure creating something useful from a piece of wood that will last for years.  The most rewarding thing about my woodworking is to see a “happy person” with something I created.  Nothing leaves my shop until it is in perfect condition. I have “unique” Cutting Boards/Cheese Boardsthat come in the shaped of an Apple, piece of Bread, Moose, Wine Bottle, Sailboat, Owl to name a few,  There is also a number of “Mini” Cutting boards for you to look at. A selection of “Coasters” are also out there in addition to many other items. Please contact me with any questions or requests.”


“In February 2010 I married a wonderful man!  He is an artist as well and so supportive of my love of beading and photography! I also have 3 children, now adults and all on their own.

I have been making jewelry since 2001.  I use natural stones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver for much of my work.  I have  been involved in art and craft shows in the southwest and locally.  Juried shows I have participated in are Artworks Lateral 58 in Glendale Arizona, Covered Bridges in Indiana and Cedarhurst in Mount Vernon, Illinois.  June 30, 2012, I opened an arts and crafts vendor store in Centralia, Illinois that enables the very talented local artisans to sell their handmade crafts.”


“Making jewelry is a form of art work.  Coral is one of my favorites along with Black Onyx and Jade.  Working with metal beads and wire wrapping makes for a unique look in jewelry.  I try to keep my pricing reasonable so it is affordable for all.  Check my website for many different selections.”


“I really am a female Acadian by heritage, on both sides, and moved to the desert from the northeast coast almost 26 years ago.  Currently working night shift at a small elder care facility and have a lot of time to create my needlework. An equal number of items go to local charity each month, preemie clothes, dolls, and chemo hats. There aren’t too many techniques I don’t know how to do in needlework, including  hardanger, and I almost never go anywhere without a project. I put my work down for church choir, work, and to drive my visually handicapped husband wherever he needs to go”


” Art and fine crafts have been a passion for over 45 years.  Life has taken me in many directions to include being a military Air Force wife, mother of two and most recently a grandmother to a wonderful and talented granddaughter.

Upon graduating from the University of West Florida, I joined the teaching staff of Dallastown School District in Dallastown PA.  For two great years I was fortunate enough to teach elementary art.

At this point my husband re-enlisted in the Air Force and we started our military travels, which took us to South Carolina, England, UK, and eventually to Maryland.  During this time I was active in military spouse activities but always engulfed in some type of arts and crafts.

Upon arrival in Maryland I finally returned to my first love of being totally immersed in the arts.  I started out as a contract teacher with an adult arts and crafts program on Andrews AFB.  Shortly afterward I was hired to manage the sales supply store and teach. Then eventually I was promoted to the Assistant Director position and finally the Director.  This was the perfect job.  Where could one earn money to encourage and assist others in finding peace of mind through creativity?  Unfortunately this program was closed and my life changed putting my artistic endeavors into a hiatus, to only be brought out for the occasional handmade gift that was needed.

My inner desire to create rushed forward earlier in 2008, and a burning desire to delve into something constructive, developed into this passion to create jewelry.  I have always been fascinated with color, form and line.  I had longed to find a craft that I could become passionate about.  My mother was an avid knitter and loved to crochet, I had longed to learn but always intimidated by the patterns.  All those numbers and abbreviations were daunting.  I attempted to teach myself knitting and soon became frustrated.  I needed a creative outlet after a very stressful full-time job.

But how to get started was the big question.  I soon went to the craft supply store and perused the isles.  Of course, the bead and jewelry isle beckoned me immediately.  Having no learned skills in the media buying lots of books and materials put me at a loss.  What to buy?  To make it simple I purchased a kit to make earrings and a basic set of tools.  I was hooked.  Browsing the internet one afternoon I discovered wire wrapping and the urge to create consumed me.  Using wire wrapping took jewelry making to a new level.  Before I knew it the supplies flooded the living room and soon I special place had to be dedicated.  The rest is history and here I am online sharing my wearable art.”


“Amy A. Crawley is a polymer clay-mixed media artist who creates functional and fine art that is inspired by the spirit of ancient cultures, nature, and her travels around the world.  Her work can be found across the country in small galleries and in private collections.  Amy has exhibited her work with the Bolton Artisans Guild, the Central Massachusetts Polymer Clay Guild, at the Peabody Historical Society Museum, and in the Art House Co-op, and the Women’s Caucus for Art Artwaves International Sustaining Our Environment Project.    She received First Place and Honorable Mention Awards for work exhibited in the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Progress and Possibilities International Juried Exhibit. Her work has been featured in the National Polymer Clay Guild’s newsletter, Polyinformer, The Crafts Report, The Bolton Common, and in the Boston Globe. In September, 2010, Amy’s artwork will be featured in Patti Digh’s upcoming book “Four-Word Self-Help”  Amy has studied with several pioneers in the field of polymer clay, including Kathleen Dustin, Gwen Gibson, Nan Roche, and Cynthia Toops.  Amy’s path to art was not linear.  She has a B.A. and M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and a Certificate in Technical Communication.  Amy currently lives in Bolton, Massachusetts, a town known for its rolling hills and apple orchards, a winery, and preservation of the environment”


“I have lived on my sail boat Angelique of Vancouver for 19 years and in 2008 my husband and I sailed our Coast 34 down the west coast of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California and the Baja coast.  We stayed 6 months in the Sea of Cortez where I was inspired by the beauty of the sea and sea life.  My passion for beading started in a cafe where I took my first weaving class from another fellow sailer who had been sailing the sea for 20 years and incoporated beading and sailing together on her 48ft sail boat.  I though this could be me, so when we returned to Vancouver I started learning from the internet, magazines, etc. and now it is my passion”


“Hi, my name is Gina.  Welcome to my shop!

I’ve been sewing since about age 6.  I can remember making clothes for my Barbie and Midge dolls.  This was before mom would let me use her sewing machine, I made them with just a needle and thread.  I think they were the best dressed Barbies in town!

Over the years as I’ve become a better seamstress, I’ve also learned that using high quality designer fabrics make all the difference in the outcome of my projects.  This quality can not only be seen, but can also be felt!  So yeah, call me a fabric snob!  But it is a title that I wear proudly!!  Needless to say I will only sell high quality designer fabrics in my shop, not those big chain store type fabrics.

Since I do love to sew, I started selling fabrics as an excuse to be able to buy even more!  So welcome to my shop!



“I started working with wood in college, but was stymied for a few years. After we moved into our house, I took over a good portion of the garage.  We’ve since added on to the garage and created a separate shop for my tools. I’ve built a number of items for use around our house, including a king sized bed, in solid cherry.  Most of my work, currently, is on the lathe.  I enjoy the short turnaround time from raw wood to finished piece.    I’ve been working in stained glass for a number of years.  I’ve done a number of pieces for friends, family and myself.   We’ve got gorgeous, colorful glass hanging in almost all of the windows in our house. I’ve done a little work in chainmaille, but worrying about the links getting swallowed by my four footed companions has reduced my work in that area.    If you’ve got an idea for a custom piece, don’t hesitate to drop me a note.”


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