Red Pill, Blue Pill: Food and Nutrition

8 Jul

“If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?”


  Anyone that knows us here at Entwined Vines Jewelry knows that we are kind of “foodies” and although the thought about not needing to cleanup from cooking might be nice, we really LOVE good REAL food so taking a pill just would not fly with us at all. We do not just eat to keep healthy or to fill our bellies. We eat because we enjoy food and all the sensations that are satisfied by the very simple acts of shopping, prepping, cooking, and eating. We are not normally passive consumers. We know our farmers and those that tend the animals that we support through our purchases.

  We look forward to our weekly treks to the PSU farmers market where we trundle off with our “granny carts” and our laminated weekly blank menu and grease pen to fill in each blank with seasonal/local/sustainable/organic food. The thrill of a bountiful hunting and gathering session can hardly be beat though with our handy chart (if you are interested in a write-up breaking this down with a sample let us know) we keep to what we will actually be able to enjoy before the week is out and we make a point of putting tender items like chard at the beginning of the week so we are not looking at a wilted sad thing at meal prep time. Our farmers grin and ask us how we enjoyed our goodies from the last week and occasionally jot down menu ideas from how we have prepared their food to enjoy themselves and to potentially pass on to others for ideas. We gain simple surprises when there is something new to try or an old favorite comes into season early.



  Once the goodies have arrived, they are sorted and put in the proper spot to await the scheduled meal.  Some items are pre-prepped such as enough cauliflower shredded for “cauli-rice” or sliced vegetables for easy snacking but most is just tucked into their spots. Each evening we pull the protein out for the next day to thaw in a safe manner if needed and verify we have enough herbs and spices on hand to accomplish what we hope for and if not we either adjust with something slightly different or make a fast jaunt the 8 blocks to the local penzys to replenish what we need. Some think all this planning is a pain but we find that since we have a system and do a little at a time we save time, eat out less, and have almost zero waste while living the way we choose.

  We have the good fortune to eat much of the time at home and LOVE the experience of full meals. It is very fulfilling to the senses to prepare food in the home and the flavors and textures come alive as we consume more than just calories or nutrition at each meal. We sit and chat while slicing and chopping. We listen to music while the components of a meal come together. The aroma of spices mingling creates a symphony in the air for those passing by. In the past I have shared here in blog land a few meals that illustrate how simple feasts turn into celebrations and celebrations turn into splendid taste bud experiences. For an example of this check back through the archives for posts such as the “Chinese new year”.

  So with all this passion about and around food I just can not see us ever being happy to have a fast pill and move on to other things. Food is part of our daily lives in a positive way. You are invited to comment your thoughts, feelings, experiences…


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