Tourist Trap: Bead Show Gallore

1 Jul

What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

So as strange as this may sound, we really want to go to Tucson Arizona. As jewelry artisans Tammy and I are so drawn to beads and Gems that we dream of going to the biggest show in this country at the beginning of February for at least two weeks. We have gone to several shows here in the Portland metro area and have found amazing finds to help keep costs down on our pieces (we do true cost pricing on all our pieces following a very strict formula). As we have shared in the past we tend to come back from such expeditions with mounds of truly stunning beads to work into our wearable art such as what is shown here…  Untitled-3

In addition to the joy of hours playing with stones and beads we would HAVE to go out and about…

Tammy LOVES plants and would completely have a blast scooten over to the Sonora Desert Museum to check out the plants, natural history, and zoo.

Tina & Tammy really are into hikes and natural wonders and would have to take a day to wander the trails in the Sabino Canyon area. We have heard lots about this area and have this drive to go hiking with our cameras and a hip pack with water.

Tina has a fixation on illusions and gets giddy just thinking about an opportunity to go to the Carnival of Illusion Dinner and Theater were we have heard it is a fun and magical delight.

Although this list is not all inclusive we figure it is not a bad start. If you have places that really are on the must go and experience list by all means please leave a comment and we will love into adding it…


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