Silver Linings: event challenges

17 Jun

“Write about something you consider “ugly” — war, violence, failure, hatred — but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us UGLY.




Being a business that is run online and local events is hard. We go to bazars, markets, and shops trying to get seen and if all goes well to have our craft purchased or at the very least admired. The “trade” is hard fought and the behind the scenes can get ugly as artisans compete for the limited attention and funding that is out there in the area. If there is a jury process one would think that spaces are more limited and once you get your foot in the door that other crafters would be nicer and more relaxed but the reality is it is even harder to keep your spot with many other business people complaining about some mild infraction of the rules (especially if competition is starting to cut into their profits) and “clicks” form more and more as if we are reverting to our youthful teenage years all in the name of “making it” and trying to not just survive but to maybe even thrive as an artist in a tight economy.

We have seen business after business make it into an event as a hand crafted item pass all the inspections to only be forced to leave after an older business finds profits going down and complains that there is no way that the newer people are “really” making their own product or that is it later found to be an inferior quality craft. People ask “How can this be?”, “Where did these people go?” and “Is this true?” but the sad truth is we do not know as we are not on the “in” with such things but see and hear enough to wonder.

Being in business we want and need to succeed. We find a level of fulfillment knowing our product, our craft means something to other people and it is deemed worthy of purchase. We get that warm feeling of pride and joy when what we love is praised. This “cut throat” mentality is sad but spurs us on to working harder and providing a better product at every turn rather than sinking to the harsh side of the business. This is good and fits the model of the “American way” with competition through commerce. We are forced to not the “norm” and to think outside of the box to come up with fresh new ways to get out product out there and to be seen. We are forced to create anew and not be pulled down so that we can thrive as an artistic small business while keeping to our mores and finding the joy in what we do instead of reverting to the sense of “just another job” and this is all well worth the challenges that may come at the hands of others.

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Have you seen or experienced a similar form of challenge that ended as a true silver lining? Please share your thoughts, experiences, and how you survive…




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