back to basics: ear wire 101

11 Feb

I decided to actually make and embed a video for this and a few other blogs to help simplify the visual process of certain techniques. I could do as I have in the past and put many still images but I think this will help with understanding what I am doing far better.

For a basic ear wire set you will need:

20g or 22g wire

a mandrel of some sort (I am using a ring mandrel in this demonstration)

basic tools; flush style cutter, pliers (I used round nose, bent nose, and plastic tip flat nose)


de-buring tool or a good file

0000 steel wool


1) cut 2 pieces of wire to the exact same length (I did 3 inches)

2) with a set of round nose pliers place a nice circular loop at one end of each piece of wire as you would for a basic eye pin (I mark my pliers with a sharpie to know where I am working. The sharpie mark comes off with ease when you are done)

3) place your wire on your mandrel and wrap around till you are happy with the shape then repeat ( placed my wire on the size 8 mark on a ring mandrel)

4) take your bent nose pliers and give each of your ear wires a nice little bend or curve at the tip (this is the side that goes through your ear opening)

5) hammer or finish shaping both wires till you are happy with what you have. Remember earrings are not just the artistic aspect of what is being hung on the wire but the wire as well.

6) take your deburing tool or file and smooth out the tips of both wires.

7) finish smoothing out the tips with your steel wool. You want this very smooth before it goes through your piercing as the inside skin is very sensitive and prone to micro tears if you are not using quality smooth materials to pass through.



When you have stunning ear wires you may find that creating out of this world earrings comes with more joy and ease. If you would like to see a few pieces that we have used this simple steps to create, visit our studio at: Entwined Vines Jewelry


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