Riding The Crazy Train For November 2012

23 Nov

Entwined Vines tries to stay active in a number of guilds on Artfire. One of the guilds that we absolutly love being a part of is the Crazy Train Guild. The memebers of this guild do many activities to help each other along and one of those includes running two day crazy train rides. Every other day we pay special attention to one of our guilds studio’s. Todays blog we are show casing all of the Novembers riders and we hope you enjoy checking all these amazingly creative and skilled studio’s and then leaving comments about some of YOUR favorite studio’s and items


Photography started as just a hobby I later combined it with another favorite pastime, riding my motorcycle. I now take long rides with my wife looking for interesting photographic opportunities.

My camera is always with me be it on my motorcycle or in the truck. My eyes and my wifes eyes are always looking for that interesting shot.

Recently I was approached by a store owner in an ocean resort town near where I live about putting my photos in her store. I have and they have been met with a good reception.

It makes me happy to see that my work is admired by others and that my photos are hanging in others homes and offices for them to enjoy.

I’ve always been a creative person, making this and making that. Many people I know have encouraged me to sell my art, so here I go!

Mainly I create creative and colorful jewelry, but I like to dabble in all art forms, so don’t be surprised to see a cute plushie or an art print in my shop sometimes. ^_^


I am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful kids. I love my kids, and am so grateful that I get to stay at home with them when they’re young, but sometimes I need a break from it all. I escape to the hobby room where I create something, whether it be a sewing project, cards, hair clips, scrapbook pages, bobby pins, or creating some music (I have a degree in music performance.) I’m always coming up with a new hobby or project to work on – not sure whether it’s mommy brain, crafter’s ADD, or a combination, but sticking with one thing is not for me. I just love to create new things


Embroidery, wire wrapping, beading, photography, art, vintage, recycling, reuse, reinvention…


I grew up in a rural community where I learned to sew, knit, and crochet at an early age. In High School I made and sold doll clothes around the Holidays. I was even featured on a local TV station with my creations. I studied Art, Home Ec., and Design in college. I have always been intrigued with creating things. I have always worked in some aspect of fiber arts. My husband and I live in California. I spend many of my days working in my studio on some project or other. We do quite a bit of traveling and while he drives I knit. He might like me to drive too, but, my skills are better at the needle than the wheel


I have been sewing since I was a little girl when grandmother piqued my interest. She taught me to sew in her back bedroom sewing area.  I then moved on to sharpen my skills in the costume shop at college and then a tailoring shop later in life.  Always learning new things I learned smocking when my Mother gave me her Pullen pleater and tend to put a unique touch on every creation.


Garden Gate Designs has been in business since 2006.  First selling my creative jewelry and supplies on Ebay, then on Etsy.com and finally here on Artfire.   I am a self taught jewelry artist with a love of vibrant colors and nature.  Gemstones are my passion and unusual ways to present them in a jewelry format.  I am a retired Grandmother of three wonderful Grandchildren.


started beading and designing Jewelry about 5 years ago.  I make beadwoven jewelry with small seed beads by hand (not on a loom).  I enjoy this the most, but also make other types of beaded jewelry including strung, wired and knotted.  My favorite materials are silver, gold filled and niobium wires, seed beads, crystal beads, pearls and gemstones.


When I make something, I try to be creative and original.  If you look at some of the candles in my shop, you will notice they have designs on them such as colors down the sides, on the top or embeds.  Some even have different color layers and different scents on those layers.  I will try anything crafty once.


One Woman Show Here, Step Right Up!

Who is the woman behind all of this fabulousness? I’m an administrative assistant by day, and a creative spirit by night.

I love anything vintage, from classic and simple to Hollywood glam. I especially love cameos and charm bracelets. I strive to make original pieces that are limited edition. Most pieces are one of a kind! I also like to work with vintage pieces to repurpose them into a fabulous piece!


Hi I’m Shelia Winstead, owner of Mee Maws Treasures.  It is my life passion to have my own boutique shop.   Most recently, I finished a Colors of Cancer quilt for charity. My husband and grandson both are cancer survivors. A few pictures are located in my bio of this beautiful quilt.  Sewing beautiful items is my passion. Mee Maw Treasures is a shop that delights the young and old alike with items for everyone.


My name is Zelma, I started making jewelry after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Feb 2007. That was a very hard time for me and making jewelry is very therapeutic and gets me through my bad days. Making Jewelry is my new passion in life along with God and my wonderful family. I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful Hubby of 11+ years who are the world to me


I am Sherri Rhodes; Tamarack Artist from Culloden, WV.  I have a B.A. from Marshall University and studied music & art education.  My husband and I live in Culloden WV with our Alaskan Huskies, cats and geckos.  We camp, fish, prospect for gold, attend bluegrass festivals whenever we can.

My designs are inspired by the wildlife and landscapes that surrounds me in my beautiful home state of WV: truly, a hidden treasure. I am also a certified Picture Framer and I love to create original and functional art combining wood and glass. This combination of mediums makes my art unique and gives me an increased range of design. I specialize in custom stained glass and custom framing designs and love to create original custom designs


We are the Stitch Crazy Sisters.  We ARE 2 sisters who love to stitch!  Welcome to our store!


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