Riding the Crazy Train for October

19 Oct

Entwined Vines tries to stay active in a number of guilds on Artfire. One of the guilds that we absolutly love being a part of is the Crazy Train Guild. The memebers of this guild do many activities to help each other along and one of those includes running two day crazy train rides. Every other day we pay special attention to one of our guilds studio’s. Todays blog we are show casing all of the Octobers riders and we hope you enjoy checking all these amazingly creative and skilled studio’s and then leaving comments about some of YOUR favorite studio’s and items


Our jewelry is constructed out of 0.45 jewelry bead wire, chain,and glass, stone and other various types of beads, and various types of charms. Our candles are made from soy wax and are all double scented. We currently have Fudge Brownie, Gingerbread Spice and Pine scented candles and will be adding new scents soon.


I love to crochet, sewing, making jewelry and making hair accessories! There are so many ideas I have, you will  see lots of variety here in my studio, which I hope you like!  I think of it as a one stop studio for all her accessories.



Specialize and enjoy creating “link” style jewelry filled with vibrant colors and unique dangles; always looking for new ways to challenge myself in the world of artisan jewelry. Also, recently expanded into selling supplies and am working hard to fill my shop with all the must-haves.


I’m a stay at home Glam-ma to 4 fantastic grandchildren.  I started sewing at a very young age and love fabric!!


I try very hard to get the best “ingredients” for each piece I make. I shop for hours and hours to get the best for the best. All of my items are top quality, whether it’s a gemstone, metal, lampwork, or whatever medium I use. In doing so, I am able to offer you my finished pieces at the best prices possible.   I handmake each and every piece in my Studio. Each order is completely inspected for any possible problems before it is shipped. No item ever leaves my possession until I know it is 100%. My items always ship in a gift box inside a package, never a plastic bag.   If there are any problems, I do my very best to solve them as soon as you contact me. I take my jewelry seriously, and customer service even more serious. My customers mean the world to me and I don’t want to lose anyone!


My work is simple, creative and full of love. Little Nancies, named for my mother, are the perfect teeny reminders of the special role we play in others lives as well as our own. Each handpainted item is carefully looked after and time for quality and details are never overlooked, as is your most precious day, event or project.


Handmade altered art charm bracelets with glass beads, acrylic, wood and metal beads with digital images for some personality


I grew up surrounded by antiques, family heirlooms with interesting stories attached to them and other treasures from days gone by.  My mother’s side of the family, mostly, and I learned to appreciate the history behind such things early.  My father is the one who took me to the flea markets, auctions and antique shops and taught me how to restore and refinish antique furniture.  He called me Patty Ann.


I really love to create new items and mix gemstones together for a unique look.  Coral is one of my favorites along with Black Onyx and Jade.  I try to keep my pricing reasonable so it is affordable for all.


I have been a crafter since I was old enough to color.  I credit my mom for getting me started in all things crafting!  In my 30+ years, I have sewn my own clothes, cross stitched numerous pictures, woven baskets, rubber stamped, embossed paper with brass stencils, crocheted, decorated cakes and most recently, I’ve become addicted to beads–especially seed beads.


I really am a female Acadian by heritage, on both sides, and moved to the desert from the northeast coast almost 26 years ago.  Currently working night shift at a small elder care facility and have a lot of time to create my needlework. An equal number of items go to local charity each month, preemie clothes, dolls, and chemo hats. There aren’t too many techniques I don’t know how to do in needlework, including  hardanger, and I almost never go anywhere without a project. I put my work down for church choir, work, and to drive my visually handicapped husband wherever he needs to go.



Has worked with polymer clay since 1998. Versed in mokume gane and imitative techniques, basic canework and millefiori, sculpting heads, hollow-form, solid core, and wire armature body construction and incorporation of found objects into artwork. Polymer clay, mixed media teacher and creativity coach.

beadweaving, beadwork,bead embroidery, peyote, St Petersburg chain, chevron chain, RAW,  Herringbone, Daisy Chain, Sprial Peyote, tubular peyote, spiral Herringbone, Tubular Herringbone, Celini Spiral and may other beadweaving and bead embroidery techniques to create beautiful wearable art.


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