Portland Saturday Market: Keeping Portland Wierd Pt. 1

23 Sep


“What does the word weird mean? Webster states “of strange or extraordinary character”. Weird in this case means unique.


Keep Portland Weird is about supporting local business in the Portland Oregon area. We want to support local business because they make Portland stand out from other cites and make it a more unique place to live. They do this by providing consumers a wide range of products that represent the different cultures that make up Portland. Local business also have pride in our city and are driven to make Portland a better place to live and enjoy.”

Portland Saturday Market really is a great place that is full of local artisans that or unique and talented. With this in mind, We at Entwined Vines Jewelry are taking various opportunities to show case this through artisans, crafts, signs, and patrons of this outdoor market that runs Saturday’s and Sundays from March through and including Christmas Eve day (the week leading up to Christmas it is open every day).


Many outdoor markets do not allow alcohol at all yet one of the many positive aspects of Portland are the artisan brewers. The market has the availability to purchase alcohol in a controlled venue for all that are ready for a sensory explosion.

Not only are there amazing pieces to enjoy and buy, some artists take “weird” to the next level in creating a booth for the senses such as this booth of wind swirly’s that catch the eye.

Even an artisan market has to take a step on the wild side in creating the following two pieces or art on display at the bottom of the main ramp next to the information booth on Nato…


With all the fun and creativity, many people feel the need to join in with clothing, jewelry, and hair. This day we had a family walking around that had this child with crazy cool hair! Cut short and then colored to a “weird” pattern that caught a lot of attention.

So at the end of the day, we were playing Yahtzee and talking with people as they came through, we say this guy walking’ around with a snake around his neck. Figured we could show a picture and so I walked up to him with the handy-dandy camera to ask. He said no problem, grabbed my camera out of my hand, draped the snake around MY shoulders and started clicking away! Now I asked why he did not want to be in a picture, he stated he was not as interesting as the snake and we would “not want him in our blog” now on the surface that may seem different but then I have to paint a picture of how “boring” this guy was: he had tattoo’s all over the place, piercings also all over the place (think huge piece in nose and other facial pieces), dressed in urban grunge, and his hair put the kid above to shame… Anyway, I could not get him to budge so you get to see me (Tina) with a snake, and yes it is a good thing I have no issues with reptiles.


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