Top 15 picks of music to create by

19 Sep

Tammy and Tina both find that music can be very motivating for the hands and mind when it comes to creating new pieces of jewelry. Although there are some styles of music that we both enjoy we have put together a small sampling to give you our reader a tiny glimpse into our world. We have many of these on disc or our itunes list as well as we click into the world of Pandora for a fun mix in our various stations.

1.)  Ron Allen & One Sky  — Tao Music for Relaxation

2.)  Charlotte Church  –Charlotte Church

3.)  Soundtrack — The Lord of the Rings — The Fellowship of the Ring

4.)  Soundtrack — Robin Hood Prince of Thieves  (the Kevin Costner one)

5.) Journey –Greatest Hits

6.) Greg Edmonson — Firefly soundtrack

7.) David Newman — Serenity soundtrack

8) wonderwall

9) Any of the nickelback  songs

10) strip me by natasha bedingfield

11) Dancing Shoes

12) bohemian rhapsody

13) not afraid by eminem

14) P!nk: So What

15) Stronger by Kelly Larkson


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