Finishing that Amazing Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial

16 Jul

I know you have got to be really ready to finish this stunning piece that you have been working on and so without any further ado here you go…

You will need; your finished viking knit weave, completed 2 end caps, completed swan clasp, 18 gauge wire of choice to run through everything, basic tools, and any beads you may wish to add.

Take a length of wire that is about 4 inches longer than you want your completed piece and make a loop with a little extra on the end to wrap around your main wire for strength.

Take that spare wire and wrap it around a few times nice and snug.

Thread your first end cap on the wire

Slide your woven viking knit onto the wire and into the cap.

Cap off the other end and do another loop like the first one to lock this all in place. then clip the wire close.

Do a simple looped hook with the remaining wire and attach to the main bracelet. Once attached put any beads you want on.

Do another loop.

Attach your clasp and do any minor adjustments needed for a comfortable fit…


2 Responses to “Finishing that Amazing Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial”

  1. Kelly January 6, 2013 at 1:45 am #

    How do you keep the end cap from falling off the viking knit?

    • livinglifewithjoy January 28, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

      The way we keep the end cap in place is we make everything tight… I know some people will use a glue but I have never been fond of doing so.

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