How to Make a Basic Swan Style Clasp

9 Jul


Most pieces need to have a clasp of some sort or another. One of the most commonly used clasp here at Entwined Vines Jewelry is the basic Swan style. This clasp works with almost any piece, is graceful, sturdy yet adjustable within reason, and can be made with most metals. We recommend having the following tools and materials to start; 18 gauge wire, round nose pliers, wire cutters, flat pliers of your choice and amazing music rockin in the background.


We cut off a piece of 18 gauge wire about 4 to 6 inches in length. Take the round nose pliers and start a small loop at the end of your wire. Using your other pliers continue to coil around your loop for a round or two then make a crook before continuing around so you will have a nice spot for your product to hand on without messing up the flow of your clasp.





Once you have gotten to the other side of your coil from the crook, you will bend the wire in a gentle curve up and around for a hook area.




Continue around till you are almost back to your coil then pull back a small loop to close off the end of your wire on the clasp.


Then trim off any extra wire and there you have it a nice, simple clasp.



If you would like to see this in action, watch our YouTube video of us making one from start to finish.



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