Top picks to do while at Portland Saturday Market

4 Jul

So many people have stated that they would love to come say hi to Entwined Vines Jewelry in our booth at Portland Saturday Market but do not know what else they would do once they got there. As if going to see a huge selection of amazing artists and their wears would not be enough, there are activities, food, and beer. So this post is about what you could do at the market…

1) go on a scavenger hunt. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would sit down and make a list of things we wanted to find by crazy Portland artists and would make it a challenge to see who could find everything on the list first. Since then, I have made other lists that have included things like “the best panhandler sign”, Keep Portland Weird visual costuming, and best musician at the market for the day. Get creative with your list and then blog about it.

2) Dance in the grass. With all the music and live entertainment on stage, in rows, and on the corner, it is hard not to get in the mood to dance. I have scene many people truly dance, dance with poi as they practice for fire spinning, and even a few slalum performers over the years. Join in and have fun!

3) Sit in the grass with a good friend and enjoy some of the best cart eats in Portland. With all the food carts there is a little bit for just about everyone. What better way to have a relaxing lunch than having it with a friend in the grass. All the benefits of a picnic with out the hassle. There are even options for people with special dietary needs.

4) Pick-out the best flowers and see a loved ones face light up with joy as you give them an amazing bouquet from the corner. Simple yet stunning flowers are combined in an affordable way to meet most any ones flower dreams.

5) Show up and watch a parade or other event. Many weekends there is some event or another near by that you can watch here at the market such as Gay Pride Parade, Rock n’ Roll Run, Portland Marathon and many others. These are so much fun and easy to enjoy.

6) Run in the fountains. Young and old alike flock to the fountains around Portland. What I call the rainbow fountain is stunning and so much fun to play in every summer. This fountain is the one closest to Portland Saturday Market and truly it is just stunning as you cross Nato Parkway.

7) Take a walk along the river. Portland Saturday Market is right along the river and the view is a welcome sight as you take a stroll either alone for some quiet time or with that special some one…


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