How to make a basic wire coil

25 Jun

This is a very short tutorial blog but you will need to know this if you don’t already for next Monday’s blog (how to make an end cap) and further down the calendar blog roll for basic jump rings (should post end of August) as well as sever other posts scheduled for this year. We use wire coils as the foundation for many pieces. The first use we will be showing is in the end caps that enclose our viking knit weave. You will need very few materials and limited tools. We suggest having the following on hand at the start of this project; 26 gauge wire for the end caps (or larger depending on project), a small mandrel just a little larger than 18 gauge wire as this coil will be going on 18 gauge, wire cutters, round nose pliers, and maybe a basic pair of pliers of your choice.

Start off by making a basic loop around your round nose pliers just large enough to fit over your mandrel (or you can just pinch off a small amount of wire directly on your mandrel).

Once you have a loop, slide your wire over your mandrel and hold on tight with your finger or pliers. Slowly but firmly wrap your wire around the length of your mandrel till you have a coil the size you want for your project.

Once you have as long of a coil as you want, cut your wire and smooth out your piece.


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