Rosemary Zamecnik with Garden Gate Designs

30 May

Last year Tammy and I took submissions for our featured artisan blog sections. This year we are prowling through Artfire and giving a glimpse of what we see. Hope you enjoy and if you are an artisan that we showcase, if you would like us to make changes or delete a post about your studio please let us know.

Today as I was going through our  different guilds on Artfire I stumbled into a fellow member that is having a lot of fun while working. She has stunning pieces and I had to share so pull up a chair with your favorite beverage, pop open this link and take a look around.

“ I am a self taught jewelry artist with a love of vibrant colors and nature.  Gemstones are my passion and unusual ways to present them in a jewelry format.  I am a retired Grandmother of three wonderful Grandchildren.”

I think my favorite piece right now is her Agate bracelet as the colors are amazing and yet the design is classic.

And for a striking piece for the coming summer I have to pick…

Take a look around and then let us know your favorite pieces!


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