The junk drawer

25 May

So I (Tina) moved from one house to another at the beginning of May and on move day Tammy (with permission) went and snooped in my kitchen. When she was going through the kitchen drawers she started to laugh and I wondered why. She found it very funny that one of the first things that I moved and unpacked from my move was what is commonly called “the junk drawer” and stated that she try’s to avoid having one for at least the first 6 months at a new place. I wondered about that because the junk drawer is where most of the common tools I use land in this spot. I have a space for “proper” tool storage and what not but really my junk drawer is used almost daily and I can not imagine NOT having such an easy spot to goto for all those handy things. That got both of us thinking as to what is actually in such a drawer. For me I have a ton of stuff from tape (minimum of three kinds), hammer, tape measure, candles, gloves, cup hooks, lighters, and screw driver to the more unusual like I have had powdered shrimp brine for about 2 years and instructions on how to mummify a chicken (we used to home school and did this while studying ancient egypt).



So what do I feel MUST be in this crazy catch-all of a drawer and why?

1) Tape: A) masking tape as this is a gentle all-purpose kind of tape. If you need to mark something fast grab making. If you need to attach a pad of gauze in a hurry grab masking. B) Duct Tape, the stout all-purpose. We have probably all heard how wonderful this stuff is and well it is all true. You want to make a prom dress grab duct tape. Want something bound for practically life, grab duct tape. Need to patch a tarp, grab duct tape. C) Plumbing tape, if you see a drip or the start of a plumbing problem, grab plumbers tape and then call for some help. I am not skilled at fixing plumbing issues but I know that if I can slow down the damage it will cost me less in time and money in repairs and damages. This goes in the same line as D) electrical tape. If you see a spark of exposed wire, tape it up, unplug if possible and get help by someone who knows what they are doing.


2) Gloves I keep 1 pair of medical, 1 pair of garden, and 1 pair of leather work style. None of these are my favorite pairs but they are nice to have on hand. If I had to only keep 1 pair though it would be the work style as you never know when you may need there for something heavy or messy and they can double in a pitch for garden gloves when a friend brings flowers that you want to trim before putting ain a vase but don’t want to get poked by a thorn like from a rose.


3) Basic tools: A) screwdriver I have one of those that has many tips so I can pretty much always do a quick repair or replace of batteries without having to scrounge up the right size or style tip. B) pliers seem almost sill to have so handy yet you never know when you need a pair just to open the cap of some tube of goo. C) Hammer, how many times do we use a hammer? and while on the hammer theme add in all the basic hanging supplies; I like brads as they are small and easy to use, a small level (who wants really lopsided pictures), maybe some cup style hooks and remember to have a few clips or carabiners (I used one today to have my new bird feeder outside). and ANY other tool you find yourself using often. D) Tape measure need we say more?



4) I also include odd ball things like a lighter for the grill, birthday candles as you can use these for more than just birthdays, outlet covers and child safety gear, a short indoor extension cord (I like mine handy for when we have “Hot Pot” for dinner, simple glue (this can be supper glue, gorilla glue, elmers, rubber cement), and anything else that you will use often enough to want to keep handy for those fast grabs. In the summer I have plant ties, in the winter I have an ice scraper (Why keep these in the car where the doors are frozen shut?), and the list can be endless for each households needs.


Please take a minute and look at your fabulous stash and share what you could not imagine storing any other place than that perfect “junk” drawer.


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