down day during the season

15 Apr

Tammy and I (as many of you know) work standard jobs Monday through Friday as well as work Entwined Vines Jewelry. With working so much, we know in order to take care of us and to continue loving our craft, that we need to take a day off here and there. This month we decided to do double duty on one of our days off and enjoy a BBQ/potluck with those that are important in our lives that we just do not get to enjoy tie with nearly as often as we would like. The day was sunny and beyond beautiful here in the pacific northwest with sun and warmth that was not to be expected at this time of the year. Normally we have wind and rain in April and highs maybe up to the 50’s. Instead, we had sun and a high in the upper 60’s. We had loved ones, friends, any children playing in the yard and amazing food well into the evening. With all the people we even pulled out the “bones” also known as dominoes and played several rounds of the game “Mexican Train” we laughed and played and refueled our proverbial batteries. As the evening wore on, several of our friends asked to see some of our newer pieces as they had not had a chance to check them out online. Here are a few;


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