Viking Knit tutorial pt 3: Double knit

26 Mar

To make a more dense chain you can bring your loop behind the second cross up  (for double weave) or even the third (for triple weave) for a very sturdy chain.  Keep in mind that the denser the chain, the less flexible it will  be.

At some point you will probably come to the end of your first wire and will want to add on. When this happens, you take a second length and insert the tip in the bottom row on the right hand side of the column you ended on, run through the second/third rows following the same path that your final wire length did leaving a small tail of wire. Twist this tail together with the end of your first wire.

Continue your wire working with the new wire going over the tail.

When you return to this joining, pass the wire beind the tail, through the loops like normal and back over the tail to create a cage of sorts.

Weave the length you think you will need but know that you’ll gain a few  inches once the chain is drawn out. Once you have your weave about as long as you want, trim your wire and remove from your mandrel.

In next Mondays post we will show you how to finish your viking knit weave as well as a few tips.


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