How to stay paleo at the market part 1

18 Mar

Every weekend that we are at Portland Saturday Market we are faced with the challenge of what to eat. Most artisans face this and have different solutions. Many people just look at it as two days a week where the basically do not eat except early in the morning and then again later at night when they get home. This group might then break down and grab a bag of nuts or some other snack kind of food from a different booth. Then there are those that just figure into the budget eating from the food row every weekend. This tends to get spendy and after a while you also get tired of the same choices over and over again or the long lines and the time away from their booth.

Here at Entwined Vines, we have looked at both of the above options and have even taken advantage of the food row a time or two over the past year. We struggled through finding foods that we could eat with having to go gluten-free and although there are a few options and they really are not bad, they do not fully fill the Paleo bill. We can stick with the meat and produce options but the animals were probably grain finished and the food is all cooked in non-paleo friendly fats as it is at most locations if you eat out. To top things off it really just adds up as far as cost goes and Tammy and Tina both are working very hard to stay on budget and get a few things taken care off like so many people in the current economy.

To stay on the path food wise we have stepped on we have been bringing more and more of our own food from home. This is great for the budget and potentially for the variety of flavors and most definitely for the quality. It has added new dimensions of challenge though; how to transport what we make, how to enjoy it at optimal temperature, how much is reasonable to bring with us while fulfilling our needs (we seem to be eating way more yet burning more fat and loosing inches at a nice rate),and how much can be fixed the night before to save time in the morning when we are desperate for sleep and trying to stay on schedule. I will be posting once a month sharing how we are able to stay on target and even passing along a few recipes and yummy pictures to hopefully give you a few ideas while inviting you to share what you do in the comments section.

This month at Entwined Vines, we have fallen in love with fast grab morning snacks. Our current favorite seems to be deviled eggs. Now I know everyone has a favorite for this and most seem to be sweet to me. In my way of thinking the devil should be hot and spicy with a bit of kick. What we do is we take the simple yet mighty egg, cut it in half and instead of putting sugar, paprika, or mayo/miracle whip, we take that yoke out and mix it with nothing more than a splash of stone ground mustard and a smattering of garlic chili sauce (we like rooster style). Once it is nice and moist, we just spoon that yumminess in and not worry about how pretty it is as we are not putting this out for a potluck or party and even if we were, these are going to get banged up a bit in transport in out trusty cooler and as long as they taste good we don’t care. The trick with these really is that if we need to make them the night before, we have to add a small amount of homemade paleo friendly mayo or they seem a bit dry and crumbly…

Now for fast and easy yet tasty lunches and or afternoon snacks we have fallen head over heals for these coconut wraps that completely fit the bill for staying paleo and allows us wraps. We have enjoyed these with almond butter and bananas  (we do try to limit the fruit but had to give it a try with the children one day), as well as stuffed with egg filling  or chicken tandori sliced with cucumbers and tomatoes. To keep the chicken warm we have two options 1) warm it in the morning and store in a thermos designed for soups or 2) drag our tiny crockpot along and plug it in. We have found that it is usually much more reasonable to load the soup thermos’ as they are metal and stay warm enough for the amount of time we need so we have invested in 4 of these to have on hand for long days in the cold weather.

For a slower but much more filling lunch idea is we take our small 2 serving crockpot with us and simmer a batch of soup or homemade chili. Most of the cooking has had to be done ahead of time and then we just heat the soup till we are ready for it. This is really amazing and well worth it on days where we are at the market almost 12 hours in the very cold. I will be sharing recipes on this thread later so keep an eye open for it and remember share your ideas as well!



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