Cherful Cherub: Season’s Change

17 Mar

“I’ve lived with weather

all my life

It seems there’s nothing

else to do —

And yet it’s one thing

in the world

I cannot get

accustomed to.”


We were sitting at the Portland Saturday Market last weekend when we were just talking about how crazy the seasons here tend to be. In the last week an a half, we have had; stunning weather that prompted gardening in a tank shirt and shorts, pouring rain and heavy wind that anialated many a pop-up at the market, and then snow to have local school do a 2 hour delayed start and power breaks through the night. This is how it is here heading into Spring Break and you never know if you will be bundling up or playing in the sun. With staying on top of the weather and the season, we have been able to find much for creativity. The sun and gardening helped produce this butterfly catch:

The rain helped to stem our energy for outside work to be able to sit and weave a new viking knit piece:

And this snow is getting much long awaited paperwork caught up as well as a pair of earrings just in time for green:


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