16 Mar

Last year Tammy and I took submissions for our featured artisan blog sections. This year we are prowling through Artfire and giving a glimpse of what we see. Hope you enjoy and if you are an artisan that we showcase, if you would like us to make changes or delete a post about your studio please let us know.

Today as I was going through different shops on Artfire I stumbled into a fellow guild member that is here in the Pacific Northwest. She has stunning pieces and I had to share so pull up a chair with your favorite beverage, pop open this link and take a look around.

“I started out by taking some metalsmithing classes and learned the basics of forging metal from a local silversmith. I eventually set up a small studio in my home. I enjoyed designing jewelry for friends and family, but some intangible piece was still missing for me.   In time, I set metalwork aside and got involved with floral arranging, silk painting, and fabric and paper crafts. All along I was collecting beads, but I had no real plans for using them.   In Spring of 1995, I bought some lovely faceted fluorite and made a purple, green and topaz colored necklace for my mother-in-law. I had finally found what had been missing for me: the richness of color! It was color which had drawn me into floral work and dying silk. With high quality beaded jewelry I could combine my love of color with my passion for jewelry.”

I think my favorite piece right now is her owl bracelet as the colors are amazing and yet the design in classic.


And for a striking earthy piece I have to pick…

Take a look around and then let us know your favorite pieces!


One Response to “LindaLandigJewelry”

  1. Earthy Jewelry March 16, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Amazingly Beautiful Post…..
    I Really Appreciate the unique content in it….
    Thanks for Sharing…..

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