Quote of the day and food…

13 Mar

“My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.”  —Mike Myers—



I almost did not post this quote but Tammy and I have been looking a LOT at food and how our bodies respond to different things. We have been eating more and more Paleo. Paleo is so back to basics although you can choose how basic that is. We have chosen to eat LOTS of animal protein, a bit of fat, and a small amount of produce while having no grains and limited dairy. We also have a major draw to Scottish stories, food, and history. With all this in mind, I HAD to share this quote. I found it not only partially true but funny as all get out. I mean think about it, we have the prime example of haggis where you take fantastic food and cook it how? Then look at black pudding where I understand the concept of not wasting anything but for starting the day?

One might wonder how or why these food came to be and that is when the above quote comes in. Was it a dare of just plain resourcefulness? Was it a dare or just amazing creativity to come up with a soup combining smoked fish with potatoes and onions?

I LOVE most Scottish food although giving up all grains has now made my Scottish options much more limited and has encouraged some research into what these people might have eaten pre-agriculture and I will be sharing some of these findings in the future once I feel I have enough evidence and resources to be convinced.


Please share your recipes, links, food history, and thoughts in our comments section.


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