Viking Knit Tutorial pt. 1: The all mighty tools

13 Feb


In every craft and for every project there are tools that are needed and some that just make it easier to complete a task.  In making viking knit we use a variety of tools and a few of these we seem to only need to complete this amazing technique.

First we need wire. For the main weave we recommend either 26 gauge or 24 gauge. Wire is just the best medium for this project. Wire is sturdy, takes the shape and sets the weave in a sturdy way that is perfect for this wearable art form. In having wire though, we need a good set of wire cutters.  Tina really likes the glitter line of tools as they are small like her hands. Tammy on the other hand is thinking about a pair that has a larger grip. All in all though when looking for a pair, you want to make sure they are a good fit as you will use these often for a good chunk of projects, including this viking knit piece. Also look for a pair that is termed “flush cut” as they well give you the nicest look on your finished wire.

After you cut your wire, you will be shaping the petals around a mandrel and forming your pattern. We have used many things for a mandrel; dowel, sharpie pen, hex keys, and many others so long as we could get the right size of diameter for what we wanted to work with. Once we have the wire woven to almost the right length we need to pull the project through a draw plate. As you will learn in the following tutorials, a draw plate







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