The weekly Quote

7 Feb

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning. — Albert Einstein


I LOVE this quote! I have tried to live by this and to pass this on to everyone I come across.

Yesterday is the past and it is so much better to learn from that rather than try to keep reliving that past, or worse letting that past continue to cause you harm. We have the choice of growing from our past… our yesterday.

Today we need to be present for and to really live every day we have as we do not know what will come. How many people have had the “I wish I could have” moments? The best we can do is to truly live each and every day.

Tomorrow is not here yet but we need to hope and plan and strive for a future to help us grow and live in the today.

Question everything till you have the answers you need and then everything will change while remaining the same… life is oh so grand. How have you been living this quote?


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