Bead Shows and all that fun!

2 Jan


Ever wonder where people find the best stones, gems, tools, and goodies for making amazing pieces of jewelry for a reasonable price? Tammy and I wonder about these things as well. We LOVE creating with some of the BEST quality stones and while we try to find the best deals to pass on to you, sometimes we score and others we find the best pieces but not at the best prices. It happens. The last time we went to what is called a “trunk show” I have to say, we more than scored and you have been seeing some of the stunning pieces we picked up in our creations that have been making it to our Site such as the amber in this pair of earrings:

These will be making their way onto our Artfire page on January 21st so keep an eye out for them with the matching bracelet and Goddess Necklace. Tammy has several pieces that she is working on at this slower time and I will share those as she gets them online as they are just so striking that I can hardly wait.


Now where did we find this trunk show? We had a tip from another artisan just before it hit town… Other times we look at listings for our local show spots to see if there might be anything that we could be interested. That is how we found “The Gem Show” and a few others this past year. Look on the web pages for places you like getting supplies from and see if they will be coming to a town near you in the future or shoot them an email. Also talk with other artisans and SHARE information. We all make different things and we really can help each other grow in fabulous ways.


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