Our New Year

1 Jan

Tammy and I were invited to a New Year party here in the Milwaukie area and although neither of us tend to; drink, party, or stay up late we decided to go and enjoy the company of old and new friends. It turned out to be a lot of fun with; live music, a live band, and amazing food. With the turning of the wheel we have both been looking at living a more Paleolithic lifestyle in the ways of food, socialization, and physical activity. Tina officially started this transition back in October with amazing results and Tammy has been slowly working in the same direction because she has been finding she is feeling better with this. Anyway, we brought for the potluck table some simple yet yummy food; paleo fudge brownies, dates stuffed with italian sausage and wrapped in bacon, and finally the best stinkin’ deviled eggs (we take the yolk and mix with just fresh stone ground mustard and a much of garlic chili rooster sauce) that were just hot enough to give that devil the what-fore. All in all even though we called it an early night we still had a blast and look forward to what 2012 brings even if we do not make resolutions but just continue to work on ourselves as well as or business. How was your new year?


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