On Pens And Needles: Featured Artisan

9 Dec


When and how did you first become interested in crafting?
I’ve been  interested in sewing since high school and sewing clothes for the family to  stretch the wardrobe budget. Machine embroidery was the next step and I  purchased my first sewing/embroidery machine about 4 years ago. Don has loved  woodworking since high school as well. After he retired, he started working more  with his scroll saw. One day at a scroll saw club meeting, they had a  demonstration on pen making. That was all it took. The next day he bought a  lathe and has been making pens in addition to his wood working since.
How long have you been creating your chosen craft?
We have actively been  crafting for the past 4-5 years.
What are your crafting influences?
Mine ususally comes from a customer  request. I has several ask for adult bibs at our craft shows. Now they are one  of our biggest sellers at our shows. Don gets his from finding a new wood,  scroll design or pen blank.
Does anyone in your family do a similar craft?
Not similar, but our oldest  daughter does scrapbook embellishments and loom knitted items that we inlcude at  our shows. Our youngest daughter provides us with suggestions for new products,  packaging and marketing ideas.
What kinds of places have you displayed your craft in your life?
Don  entered a replica of the Rose window from Notre Dame Cathedral in the Los  Angeles County Fair. He won 1st place and the Judges Merit Award.
What else do you do besides create these beautiful pieces?
When we are not  crafting, we are spending time with our children and their families and we  participate in several groups at our church.
What is your favorite piece that you have created so far?
Don’s is the Rose  window piece. I can’t pick a favorite. Usually my last piece is my  favorite.
Why did you make that piece?
Don was looking for a challenge.
What does it take to create pieces like that?
The Rose windo took months to  complete. There were 192 cuts. He cut it from corian (like the counter top). It  had to be cut very slowly and carefully.
What is special about your pieces?
I love putting fabric and colors  together.
What makes this kind of craft “good” to you?
Don and I get to use our  “hobbies” to work together at something we enjoy. Participating in the craft  shows keeps us active. We meet other crafters and we even make a little  money.

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