Cheerful Cherub “Abhorrence”

3 Dec


Among the contraptions

My nature abhors

Are bookcases shaky,

With sticky glass



Tammy and I have used many different ways to display our art. We started off with simple shelves with slats that just about drove us crazy with having pieces falling between the slats and having no room for earrings to hang, as well as having a huge space of storage take up by these shelves as they did not collapse at all. We then moved up a huge step to solid bookcases that the shelves are on a hinge system to fold mostly flat while keeping all of our goodies pretty much where we put them. Still did not have a good way to display earrings or to protect our more expensive items from small hands that are still learning to look with eyes not hands. We then added spinning earring racks that seemed to not invite people to actually spin them to look at all the options as well as needing a HUGE tote to keep everything safe. After one of the stands broke we have now invested in hanging ear nest racks from a fellow Portland Saturday Market Artisan and wow do they make the difference! As for the cases we have talked about adding more cases that have a glass top to tilt for viewing yet protecting out viking knit. We have concerns of the sticking though and I always think of the quote when we talk about those potential cases lol. What display concerns do you have in your home or business?


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