All the details motivation

1 Dec

“All the details

If you wish to achieve a great and ambitious vision, you have to be willing  to fill in all the little details. Though they may seem terribly tedious at  times, those details are what give substance to the dream.

Don’t ever consider the details to be beneath you. Doing so will put the  achievement of your dream beyond your reach.

Yes, it is enormously helpful when you can delegate tasks to others. Yet to  do so successfully, you must have full respect for the value of those tasks and  for the people who perform them.

Dreams are not achieved by those who merely imagine and articulate them.  Dreams are achieved by those who take responsibility for making sure that every  little detail gets done.

Dream the dream, and then do the work. Envision the achievement, and then  find a way to tend to all the details.

No detail is unimportant or beneath you. For it is all those details,  combined together, which bring the dream to life.

— Ralph Marston”


In life this motivational quote is true but not more so than when you run your own small business. Every day Tammy and I are talking through and planning everything we can think of for our business. We talk about how the past week went, what we want to include in our business plan, what we want to display and how at our next event (normally Portland Saturday Market on Saturdays and Sundays Too) or what work needs to get done online with social networking, blogging, and artfire. Every little detail planned beforehand makes the actual doing so much smoother and less stressful. We know we will have all the displays we want or need, enough business cards on hand, and that our art is just right. How does looking at every little thing help in your life?


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