Black Pearl Creations: Featured Artisan

25 Nov

My studio name is Black Pearl Creations
My own website is
People can “like” me at

When and how did you  first become interested in crafting?
My father was in the military and when we  lived in England, my parents took me to the Nottingham Lace Factory when I was  about 8 years old and I was “hooked” ever since!

How long have you been  creating your chosen craft?
That would mean I’m telling my age so let’s say over  20 years.

What are your crafting influences?
I really don’t have any. My  designs come from my head, from wanting to wear a particular outfit and then not  being able to find it in the commonly available stores.

Does anyone in  your family do a similar craft?
I am the only one. My 5 year old daughter wants  to learn and we are working on that.

What else do you do besides create  these beautiful pieces?
I am a single mother, a full time student at Harvard  University and recovering from my second fight with breast cancer. My free time  consists of time with my children, studying/writing papers, and crocheting.

What is your favorite piece that you have created so far?
I would have  to say the crocheted pants and jacket.

Why did you make that piece?
I  was going to see Cedric the Entertainer in concert and didn’t have anything to  wear.

What does it take to create pieces like that?
Time, but when you  do that type of outfit last minute, there is no time. It takes a clear idea of  how to create the piece. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a  piece and then “frogging” it because you went back to a SC when you were doing a  HDC!

What is special about your pieces?
I make them with my own 2 hands  and with my pseudo-ADD, I get bored quickly. I make a few pieces and then,  that’s it! Buy them while available because I may never make that piece again. I  also rarely make anything in a solid color. Solid colors are too boring and  crochet is when I get to really express myself.

What makes this kind of  craft “good” to you?
Crocheting and knitting, even though enjoying a  resurgence in the last few years, is still seen as the “old woman” crafts. Since  there are relatively few (especially crocheted) designs, it’s a good craft to  know. To today’s society, it’s “new”. It’s also therapeutic, fun and you never  know what you will end up with!






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