Lehane: Featured Artisan

18 Nov

How long have you been  creating your chosen craft?
I have been creating jewelry items on and off for  most of my life but my effort and investment increased greatly after a couple of  life-changing events about a decade ago.

What are your crafting influences?
My  life is my influence. I love nature, especially the ocean and woods. I believe  things that challenge us make us stronger and I also believe there are energy  sources all around us with power we can tap for healing and direction. These  energies may be found in color, shape, and natural material used in jewelry and  may be symbolized in patterns and shapes such as those of rings used in  chainmail.

Does anyone in your family do a similar craft?
My parents worked in  copper, fabric and wood.

What kinds of places have you displayed your craft in  your life?
I have been in juried craft shows and sell in several online venues.  I have sold my creations to people in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

What else do you do besides create these beautiful pieces?
I design publications  (books newsletters, flyers) and business systems (websites, membership  datgabases, order entry, billing, tracking, etc.). I have created a line of  greeting cards based on my digitally altered photography — I sell these on  other venues and may move some to Artfire.

What is your favorite piece that you  have created so far?

Why did you make that piece?
I was making a special gift for one of my sisters  who I only see twice a year. She loves aquamarine and it looks great with her  blue eyes. She was here visiting and I showed her my plans for the necklace. She  asked for me to add yellow beads and to change the pendant to a circular  crystal. Although I was reluctant to make the changes, when I saw her wearing  the finished product it was obvious that her ideas were just right.

What does it  take to create pieces like that?
I start with an idea: it may be an image of the  intended user, a plan to use certain color bead combinations, or perhaps a  meditation on a particular pendant. I assemble the materials and lay them out on  a board to see how the combination looks. There may be several shuffles to get  an attractive blend of beads. Once the beads are selected I begin to add them to  a wire. Many times the results are not exactly as expected, since the beads are  closer on a wire, and the beads come off the wire and there is more tweeking to  the design.

What is special about your pieces?
They are simple and yet bold  without being outrageous. I like to think my designs can be worn with jeans or  dress clothes. I do see many other people create incredibly elegant and dainty  jewelry for special times — but my items are intended for everyday use while  still exuding an air of boldness and tapping in to energies from color,  materials, shapes, etc. I guess you could say there is nothing bland about my  creations. They are intended to be empowering.

What makes this kind of craft  “good” to you?
I see my creating as part of keeping my brain tuned up. Each  piece is like solving a complicated puzzle, you have to get everything right for  the whole to work. I also see my creations as sharing positive and healing  energies and empowering the wearer.

Some links: http://www.lehane.artfire.com —  jewelry on Artfire http://www.edgewatergallery.com — photo imagery on several  items http://www.zazzle.com/blarneycards?rf=238343480281114967 — some photo  cards


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