30 Oct

Entwined Vines has had two blogs running for quite some time now and it works well for us. Tammy mostly maintains our blog on blogger while Tina had been maintaining the blog on Artfire. We cover many different topics and the few that are covered by both of us are from very different perspectives so this has worked well for us the last few years. Artfire has been busy upgrading and changing things in the system for the better but the blog section has been a pretty low priority verses things like how SEO’s match and the site is crawled with the holidays approaching. Well this all is reasonable but Tina really enjoys keeping up on the blog most of the time and many people were having a hard time looking at past posts that held great information such as the history of Lampwork beads and how to make Viking Knit. With this we decided it was time to make our move to here, WordPress. We LOVE it here but it is taking time to get the really important stuff moved as well as a TON of hard work. We also have been having fun re-reading old posts and realizing how far we have come in our comfort of blogging.  We hope that as we finish settling in you will take the time to look around and leave us a few comments.


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