Holiday Gifts for All

29 Oct

It seems like the holidays are a long way off yet but I stopped and thought about it and found that if I want to get everyone I need to get something for, a gift that I would be proud of on a very tight budget that I would have to get moving like a piece of yesterday. We here are Entwined Vines have started reserved space at for “festival days” here at the Portland Saturday Market to vend and with that I start my list. This list is who do I want or need to buy for. I have to remember;
* best friend from school
* mom
* grand parents (yes I have almost all of mine still)
* daughters
* husband
* daycare families
* employees
* all my helpers
* the mail carrier
* My ex-husband and his wife and combined children (I do this because they are amazing and just because we are not married does not mean we are not still tied together by amazing children)
The list goes on and on and I really look for something that I know each person will LOVE that is unique and handmade/handcrafted. This can be a huge chore that I look forward to but am glad when I have it all done and get to sit down to wrap.

Please share what you go through to get the “right” gift for everyone on your list and please share all the places you look. We will share some of our favorite places in the next post so keep your eyes open.


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