Top 10 Reasons Why to follow Our Blogs

28 Oct

1) learn more about us
Blogs are a great place to learn more about the people who create items you enjoy/want/have. Bloggers tend to share little bits about themselves throughout time and that makes having their products more personal.
2) learn more about the techniques we use
Sometimes we see something that we really love but have no clue how it is created. A great way to learn more about this or to find out why something has more worth than that of face value reading how it is made and all the steps can help. Also it is really cool when a friend comments about something they see you wearing or using that you can tell them all about it.
3) learn more about the materials we use
Ever wonder about what kind of wire is in a piece or the properties of a stone? Blogs are an amazing place to gain more knowledge in these areas and more.
4) find out what interests and inspiration is used to create pieces
From time to time Tammy and I share a new piece or a story of inspiration. It is not always easy to create everyday but you will read over time how we stay motivated and inspired.
5) get to know a bit about what drives us
Why do we create? What keeps us going? How do we handle the day-to-day and still look forward to what we do? Keep reading and you may find out the answers to these questions and more. Our stories may even help you on your path…
6) find out about the ethics of the person behind the business
In today’s market many of us really want to know that what we support through our purchases fits our own ethics and values.
7)education on industry practices
Tammy and Tina are always learning more about industry standards and practices. We take a look and see what we have to follow and what we should. We look at how these practices and standards fit our own practices and our values.
8) education on specific aspects of our business
Ever wonder about social networking? How about what it takes to do an event? How to make displays? Why things are prices as they are? We share these and many other aspects of our business here in our blog.
9) learn more about other artisan’s, that we showcase
Tammy and Tina enjoy featuring a different artisan every week. Between the two blogs we regularly post on, we introduce a huge variety of crafts, techniques, and people.
10) trend and fad tips
Do you enjoy staying ahead of the game in fashion and jewelry? We love sharing what we are tipped on before the latest shift.
BONUS) gift giving ideas
With shopping for the perfect gift driving us forward we share our tips and tricks as well as great places to get just what you need in time for that special person.
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